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If you’ve been looking for that perfect frosted strawberry cereal vape, that’s light on the milk flavor, The One Strawberry may just be for you. Enjoy this sugary combination anytime of day!

First Impressions:

I really appreciate The One E-liquid‘s branding. Everything, including the graphics and lettering, was done in a very tasteful manner. The e-liquid comes in a jumbo gorilla, that has to be one of my favorite all around bottle types.

Flavor Profile:

A frosted donut cereal dipped in strawberry milk.


Strawberries with a decent amount of sugar. The aromas coming from this bottle really reminds me of sugary milk left over from a frosted strawberry type cereal. I was not able to pick up on the doughnut.

My Setup:

Dual aliens from Chris’s Coils on the deck of the 25mm Wotofo Warrior RDA, airflow shutdown 50%. Vaping on a unregulated dual 18650 box mod 🙂


Front – Sweet cereal, with a hint of fresh and syrup flavored strawberry. There’s a nice chalkiness associated with this flavor, that really adds to the liquids appeal. No signs of the doughnut yet, or the milk. The sugar level was on the border of overly sweet, but somehow managed to stay rather approachable.

Middle – Here, the flavor really comes together quite nicely. The sweet cereal and strawberry combine to make that nice sweetened strawberry flavor — like when your favorite brand of cereal is left in the bowl to long. The milk was on the light side, which will work for a larger majority of people. I was able to pick up on some chewy notes here, along with a very light bread flavor; but I wouldn’t venture as far as to say this was a full on doughnut flavor.

End – Pure frosted strawberry cereal at this point. The milk is really hard to pick out of the sweetened strawberry flavors. The sugar level never dies down, and was almost too much to handle. The One Strawberry definitely nailed the flavor profile, and the only thing missing for me was the whole milk!

Aftertaste – Considering how sugary this liquid is, the aftertaste was surprisingly clean. I did notice a small amount of lingering, that was quickly cleared with a drink of water.


The One E-liquid really nailed this flavor. There is one change I would’ve liked to see however, and that’s a more potent milk flavor. The milk gets somewhat (almost entirely…) lost in the notes of strawberry and sugary cereal. If I had a pure milk-flavored e-liquid, I actually would’ve tried to mix these two together!

Cloud Production:

Pretty darn good for a 70/30 blend vaped on a dual alien build. Nothing to write home about, but still quite nice.

Product Info:

Size/s – 100ml

Available Nic – 0, 3, and 6.

VG/PG ratio – 70/30

Price – $19.99 at time of this post.

Bottle type – jumbo gorilla

Final Thoughts:

Ok, If you’re are looking for a sweetened strawberry cereal vape, The One is definitely going to be for you. However, it is worth noting that this is a seriously sugary mixture, and may not be the best thing your your cotton or coils!

Still an ADV for me!

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