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OBS has made some top-selling RTAs like the OBS Engine, the OBS Crius, and the OBS Crius II. They have made a pretty good name for themselves over the years and remain one of the more popular vape brands, especially when it comes to rebuildable atomizers. The OBS Damo Sub-Ohm Tank came out in 2018. Nowadays you can pick one of these tanks up for about twenty bucks, rather than the previous release price. For the money, this is a solid tank for beginners or intermediate vapers looking for a spare.

The Design

It’s safe to say that the OBS Damo Sub-Ohm Tank’s aesthetics are pretty unextraordinary. It’s a simple, clean design, and will be appreciated by vapers who prefer a tank that doesn’t have any flashy bells and whistles. I’ve got nothing against the design, and in fact, like the simplicity, but it does seem rather limp if we compare it to a couple of their other tanks.

The OBS Damo Sub-Ohm Tank comes in three different colors: black, blue, and stainless steel. I do like the two metallic finishes: the traditional stainless and the blue best, but the black matte version is just as nice. Of course, the Damo has the OBS logo across the top base, and I quite like this location for branding. It’s not too showy, keeping it clean and professional, while still reminding us who manufactured the tank.

The Build

The Damo is a 25mm tank with a 5ml juice capacity. Crafted from stainless steel, it feels sturdy, but not too heavy. The 510 connection is 24k gold plated, and the drip tip is an 11mm POM.

In addition, this tank utilizes OBS’s signature tank fill system. Some people have called it a sliding system, but it’s more of a pull system. To access the fill port, pull up on the top base of the tank (it does “slide” up) and then you’ll see the filling port located on the side. Yes, this is a side fill tank, which means you need to hold the tank carefully and tilt it while you fill. I found this fill method to be convenient and mess-free.

The airflow on this tank is dual adjustable located on the bottom base of the tank. I was able to close this fully without issue, and it has just the right amount of movement.

The OBS M-Series Coils

The OBS Damo Sub-Ohm Tank comes with two coils from the OBS M-Series. The first is an M2 Coil: a single 0.4-ohm coil that has a resistance of 30-50W. The second coil is the M6 Triple Coil: at 0.2-ohms this coil is listed as a 40-80W range, but some vapers claim this can take up to 100W.

Vaping with the OBS Damo Sub-Ohm Tank

I decided to use my VooPoo Drag 2 Box Mod to test out this tank. I began vaping the M2 Coil first, using a vanilla custard e-liquid, VNLA Custard by BVLK Unicorn E-Liquid. The flavor quality of this coil was not bad. At around 45W the M2 coil really shined for me, giving a solid balance of vapor and flavor. I cut the airflow down a bit to see how it would sound, and I regret to say that the OBS Damo gets a bit noisier than some prefer at lower airflow. 

The M6 triple coil was even better on flavor, though. I did try to verify if this coil could go up to 100W, and indeed, it was capable. Personally, though, I could feel it losing a bit of integrity in flavor at that wattage, so I took it down to about 80W, then 65W. At 80W, the M6 performed a bit above average, but I felt that the strongest spots for this coil were indeed somewhere between 60 and 70W.

After about a week and a half of use, the M2 coil started to go kaput, while the M6 lasted about a week only. 

Is The OBS Damo Sub-Ohm Tank Worthy of the OBS Name?

Let’s get down to it. I don’t think that there are too many problems with the OBS Damo, but I do think that compared to some other tanks of the market, it’s just not one of the best there is. But, there are some good reasons why I could see some vapers buying this tank to add to their collection or to use as a starter. The first of those being, this does vape well, both with flavor and clouds. The OBS M-Series coils aren’t bad, in fact, they’re pretty nice coils, especially if you’re just looking for a starter tank. I do wish that the lifespan of the coils was a bit longer, but a week isn’t all that unusual. Another pro is that top filling system, which is virtually mess free as long as you’re watching while you’re filling. Plus, this is OBS so you know that the craftsmanship is not shoddy.

While I wouldn’t go recommending this tank to everyone, since there are so many other options that surpass this, I do think that this is an excellent, versatile starter tank, or a nice little spare to have on hand.

Purchase the OBS Damo Sub-Ohm Tank here.

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