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Just a little bit ago, I reviewed the Nikola Wolverine Box Mod. Nikola is a company that is either a completely new vaping manufacturer, or hasn’t come out about being a subsidiary of another company. There wasn’t a lot wrong with the Wolverine. It performed well enough, but it was just another fish in the sea of many. However, I was able to get my hands on the company’s first tank, the Nikola Lapetus Sub-Ohm Tank, and was impressed by this more than their Wolverine mod. The Lapetus uses mesh coils, but does it compare to the other top mesh tanks on the market? We’ll see.

The Design

The Nikola Lapetus Sub-Ohm Tank doesn’t look all that different from the other comparable tanks on the market. That being said, I do really appreciate the design. It’s simple and sleek, even incorporating the increasingly popular cobra/honeycomb resin on the drip tip. One thing that’s slightly different about this tank is the where the coil goes. Instead of showing an exposed coil inside of the glass, the coil is hidden inside of the metal housing. It looks smooth this way, but unfortunately if you forget your coil’s resistance range, you won’t be able to check it with a simple glance.

The Lapetus colors are as follows: stainless steel, red, blue, gold, black, and rainbow.

The Build

This tank is clearly machined well. It doesn’t take a vaping pro to notice. It’s got a stainless steel and aluminum alloy body. The dual airflow is located on the bottom and is fully adjustable. When I say fully adjustable, I mean that the airflow glides like butter. This is super easy to close and adjust to whatever airflow you desire. On the downside, since it’s so easy to move, this could “adjust itself” inside of your purse, so be aware and keep your eye out.

How to Fill The Nikola Lapetus Sub-Ohm Tank

This tank is super easy to fill, but not as easy as tanks that incorporate a sliding top fill or push to fill system. The Nikola Lapetus Sub-Ohm Tank uses a threaded top fill system, so to fill, you need to unscrew the top cap. It’s smooth threading and comes off with about a half turn. Then you’ll see two large filling ports that should be able to accommodate just about any bottle tip.

Fill the tank, twist the top cap back on, and wait at least ten minutes to make sure the coil is saturated.

The Mesh Coils

Mesh coils have been a huge fad in sub-ohm vaping, for good reason. These type of coils distribute heat evenly and provide a clean flavor. The Lapetus 0.18ohm mesh coil works from 60-110W, but is best at 70-90. To install the coil, just remove the bottom base of the tank and plug it in. This is a plug-and-pull coil system, so there is no threading. To secure, make sure it’s tight, and screw the bottom base of the tank back in place. Then you’re ready to vape.

Vaping with the Nikola Lapetus Sub-Ohm Tank

I put the Lapetus Sub-Ohm Tank on my Joyetech Espion Infinite Box Mod and loaded it up with Sucker Punch E-Liquid from Suicide Bunny. I started vaping at 60W and made my way up to that 110W mark gradually. In the first ten puffs, at 60W, I noticed that the coil was giving me an above average flavor. This is the type of flavor that I expect from a mesh coil, so, so far so good. After I got up to 80W, I noticed no decline in flavor, and a very nice amount of vapor production.

Even at that tippy-top mark of 110W, this coil did exactly what it promised. It delivered a good, clean flavor and chucked out the clouds without issue. I do think that vaping this coil consistently at 110W will shorten the life of the coil, but nonetheless, I had few qualms when it came to performance. I noticed no leaks whatsoever when filling or vaping. Even storing the tank on its side with the airflow open yielded no e-liquid mess. The 0.18-ohm coil lasted me for a week and a half with very heavy use. So I imagine the average vaper, who uses this tank moderately, will see about two weeks from one of these coils.

Summing Up

So Nikola didn’t impress me much when it came to their release of the Nikola Wolverine Mod, but their Nikola Lapetus Sub-Ohm Tank is actually really good. I would venture to say that this tank compares to many of the top mesh tanks on the market, and while it might not beat the HorizonTech Falcon Resin Edition, the Lapetus performs well. The coils have a decent lifespan, delivering quality flavor and thick clouds, even at a mere 60W.

The only real con I can find with this tank is the top fill. I wish that the these threaded top fill systems would be phased out, because when you’re vaping on the go and run out of juice, unscrewing the top cap is not a convenient way to access the filling ports. However, the fill ports on the Lapetus are awfully large, so it’s very easy to fill with no matter what bottle style you’re using. It’s sort of a give and take. Nonetheless, I liked the Nikola Lapetus Sub-Ohm Tank enough to keep using this as a daily tank! If you like mesh coils, don’t rule this one out yet.

Purchase the Nikola Lapetus Sub-Ohm Tank here.

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