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A prominent authority on smoking cessation insists the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is wrong about JUUL Labs and, in a broader view, the vaping industry.

Jed Rose, an inventor of the nicotine patch and director of the Duke Center for Smoking Cessation, said Oct. 3 the FDA is misguided on its claims JUUL’s e-cigarette flavors are specifically designed for the adolescent market. It also is overlooking the effectiveness vaping is proving to have in helping individuals quit combustible cigarettes, according to

“Cigarette smoking imposes a completely unacceptable burden of death and disease,” Rose said. “Currently, over 500,000 Americans die every year of smoking-related disease, a number that continues to rise.

“E-cigarettes are one of the most promising developments in the field of smoking cessation.”

A professor of psychiatry and behavioral science, Rose started researching nicotine in 1979 and helped develop nicotine patches and Chantix, the prescription drug, according to

An important element the FDA is ignoring is smokers crave more than just nicotine, Rose suggested. They also feel the need to physically smoke.

“We’ve done studies where we’ve intravenously administered smokers with the same dose of nicotine they would get from a cigarette and found that this doesn’t satisfy their craving,” Rose said. “On the other hand, if they smoke a de-nicotinized cigarette, their craving is relieved quite a bit.”

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking on the 60-day ultimatum the FDA gave JUUL and other top vaping companies in September to prove they keep their products away from minors. If the companies do not develop a noteworthy plan, their products could be pulled from retail stores.

While the Duke Center for Smoking Cessation continues to research JUUL products, the trial shows positive early results, Rose said. He added there appears to be “good reason to believe” JUUL’s devices aid in smoking cessation.

Will the FDA listen?

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