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When the dust clears, the vaping industry could be awarded the championship belt.




Like punches to the gut, those are the feelings New Zealand smokers have felt since Jan. 1 when an additional 10 percent excise tax was levied on traditional cigarette sales.

In real dollars, that means a pack of smokes is priced between $20-25.

Can you imagine dropping a 20-spot for a single pack?




Like being handed the keys to the kingdom, vaping insiders are poised to make major strides as the New Zealand cigarette tax projects to drive traditional smokers to more deeply experiment with e-cigarettes or quit altogether, according to

Playing an annual role in the country’s bid to speed up its lagging goal of becoming a smoke-free nation, the excise tax increase will continue through Jan. 1, 2020.

That’s right, next year, it will be even more expensive to purchase smokes.




New Zealand health officials continue attempting to rally the population of about 4.75 million to meet the country’s goal of becoming “smoke-free” by 2025.

“Smoke-free,” as a definition, indicates a country has a smoking rate of five percent or lower. At the close of 2018, New Zealand was at 15 percent, according to interviewed a number of New Zealanders with long histories of smoking combustible cigarettes.

One 34-year-old individual, who wanted to be called “Teddy,” picked up the smoking habit when he was 12 and because of what he described as “health benefits,” he and some of his close companions made the switch to vaping about a year and a half ago.

Another individual, who did now wish to be publicly recognized, said she was spending approximately $260 weekly on what she described as a “disgusting” habit.

“I have tried to give up several times but not seriously,” she said. “But I’m determined to do so by mid-year and switching to vaping is a good way to help wean myself off smoking.”




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