NY State Flavor Ban Dead — Until 2019
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The New York State vaping flavor ban is dead, long live the ban.

That, in essence, is where the New York State Senate stands on e-cigarettes as its summer getaway started Friday.

As the Senate members adjourned, the New York State vaping flavor ban remains in a legislative coma, according to public records.

The state-wide ban died on the Senate floor and, temporarily, revived the vaping industry’s pulse – for now.

The question remains – for how long?

When the Senate reconvenes in January 2019, the issue will almost assuredly rise again.

Will it return with more teeth?

As with other “carry-over” bills, legislators could re-introduce the anti-vaping bills with additional language or as-is.

The behind-the-scenes diligence of organizations such as New York State Vaping Association (NYSVA) likely will be called to the forefront again next fall to take up the fight.

Leading the legislative charge is Sen. Kemp Hannon, an outspoken Republican who is calling for stiffer vaping regulations. He sponsored S-8610, a bill that was focused on banning the sale of flavored e-liquids throughout the state.

Enjoy the summer, New York State residents.

For now, the vaping issue is on the backburner.

The ban is dead.

Later, however, Hannon will trumpet his battle cry: Long live the ban.

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