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My Freedom Smokes Peanut Butter offers up classic roasted and raw peanut flavors, mixed with the perfect amount of white sugar. What’s not to love? It’s peanut butter in e-juice form!

First Impressions:

Really nice, simple branding on the My Freedom Smokes premium line of liquids. Not a huge fan of the plastic needle nose style bottles, but can’t really gripe to much on that one. Peanut butter has always been one of my favorite e-juice flavor additives. If done right, It can have a savory, sweet, and nutty taste all at once. I had high hopes for My Freedom Smokes Peanut Butter E-Liquid; would it be a smooth and creamy nut butter, or a jar of chunky roasted?

Flavor Profile:

My Freedom Smokes Peanut Butter E-Liquid.


Grab a jar of your favorite smooth peanut butter. Now stick you nose right in there. That smell matches the aromas coming from this bottle to the T. A bit of nuttiness, hints of white sugar, and a faint roasted aroma as well.

My Setup:

Dual aliens from Chris’s Coils on the deck of the 25mm Wotofo Warrior (airflow set 50%). Pulsed on the Silver Steam Vapor Titan V2.


Front – Roasted peanuts straight away. The perfect amount of white sugar in the foreground, mixed with some raw peanut flavors as well. I also noticed some hints of toasted bread on the backend as well. Savory, sweet, and nutty all at once.

Middle – For a single flavor e-juice, this liquid is pretty darn complex. Roasted and raw peanut flavors topped with a bit of white sugar. The toasted bread flavor remains on the scene as well, everything is brought together with a really velvety mouthfeel. I’m already thinking of the flavors I’ll be able to mix peanut butter with!

End – A continuation of the same thing on the finish. Roasted nuts with a nice dash of white sugar and raw peanuts on the backend. The velvety mouthfeel slowly diminishes, leaving a really savory blend of flavors to blend as one.

Aftertaste – Extremely clean. I did get some lingering roasted taste on the back of my tongue, that cleared without a sip of water after a few seconds.


This liquid would really bring a nice smooth roasted peanut flavor to just about any mix. Milk chocolate, raspberry and strawberry jam, banana and blueberry flavors would all be a great starting point for mixing!

Cloud Production:

These 80/20 blends are perfect for dripping. Thin enough to really paint your coils, and thick enough to produce some serious dense white vapor.

Product Info:

Size/s – 30, 60, 125ml

Available Nic – 0 – 48mg

VG/PG ratio – 80/20

Price – $7.49 (per 30ml)

Bottle type – needle nose tipped 30ml

Purchase My Freedom Smokes Peanut Butter here

Final Thoughts:

The flavor did not disappoint. I hit every peanut butter note I was expecting, while keeping everything quite clean. I think roasted flavors are rather hard to pull off, which would explain why you just don’t see them that often.

Would I purchase this liquid again? Absolutely. Would I recommend it to a friend? you bet. Could I vape it all day? Most likely!