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Fresh lemon lime, alcohol, and a hint of sugar, served in a salt rimmed glass. It’s time for a homemade margarita. Margarita from My Freedom Smokes will not let you down.

First Impressions:

Really nice, simple branding on the MFS premium line of liquids. Not a huge fan of the plastic needle nose bottles, but can’t really gripe too much on that one. I was really interested to see what direction MFS was going to take this flavor; premixed margarita in a bottle (add your own liquor, normally really sugary…), or proper homemade margarita (nothing but liquor, citrus, and a pinch of sugar). And if they were able to nail the mixed drink taste, how would they work out the salted rim?

Flavor Profile:

This e-liquid is a premium blend of flavorings that results in a vape juice with a great margarita flavor. Turns any occasion into a party.


I kid you not, the aromas coming from this bottle screamed homemade margarita. Hints of lemon and lime, a bit of alcohol, and a touch of salt in the foreground as well! No silly premixed syrups to be found (thank god!).

My Setup:

Dual aliens from Chris’s Coils on the deck of the 25mm Wotofo Warrior (airflow set 25-75%). Pulsed on the Wismec Noisy Cricket VII-25.


Front – Classic mix of lemon lime upfront. I picked up on a hint of kosher salt as well, very similar to a salted rimmed glass one would expect a proper margarita to be served in. Faint hints of alcohol at this point too, nothing overwhelming, but just enough to make its presence known.

Middle – All the traditional margarita flavors taste really blended together here, mimicking a homemade mixed drink over a bit of ice. You may think I’m exaggerating, but I’m really not. No one flavor overpowers the others. Very low sugar content, like borderline non-existent. Slightly savory finish as well.

End – A continuation of the citrus here. MFS was not joking around with this one, never once did I second guess myself on the flavor. There’s almost no sugar present here. Perfect, slightly salty finish.

Aftertaste – Clean as whistle. I’m glad MFS choose to take the homemade margarita route; a pre-bottled version would’ve likely ruined the aftertaste.


I really could not believe how good this flavor was. I vaped it for a good two hours straight, on various airflow settings, and nothing changed. Nothing but tasty homemade margarita!

Cloud Production:

This 80/20 blend, in combination with a dual Alien build, made for some stellar room filling vapor. The typical, “can you stop for a second? I can’t see the movie” kind of vapor.

Product Info:

Size/s – 30, 60, 125ml

Available Nic – 0 – 48mg

VG/PG ratio – 80/20

Price – $7.49 (per 30ml)

Bottle type – needle nose tipped 30ml

Purchase MFS Margarita liquid here.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re like me, always searching for that next ADV. Or interested in trying something off the typical e-juice flavor path, and like your juice with a little character, Margarita is a must try.

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