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Do you like really bitter dark chocolate? Me too. Cocoa e-liquid from My Freedom Smokes provides a stout, high cocoa content, and dark chocolate flavor for all those looking for an adventure!

First Impressions:

Really nice, simple branding on the My Freedom Smokes premium line of liquids. Not a huge fan of the plastic needle nose style bottles, but can’t really gripe too much on that one. The MFS line of liquids are made entirely in-house, which from my experience with other companies in the past, can either be a really good or really bad thing. There’s not a whole lot going on with Cocoa, so I was really interested to see how MFS was going to go about the flavor.

Flavor Profile:

Rich dark chocolate flavor.


Wow. The aromas coming from this liquid were so faint, I had a hard time picking up on them at all. It was only after I squeezed hard on the 30ml bottle that I realized the faint bitter characteristics one would associate with a dark chocolate. Even after dropping a bit of the liquid on my finger, bitterness was the only smell I could make out.

My Setup:

Single spaced two core clapton (3mm ID, .42ohm’s) on the deck of the Goon V1.5, airflow shutdown half way. Pulsed on the Volcano E-cigs Lavabox DNA 200, 30-40 watts.


Front – Whoa, that’s weird! Seconds after taking a vape, and the only thing I could really put my finger on was bitterness. There’s an UPFRONT burnt characteristic that is not the most pleasant thing ever, and I can’t tell if it’s just a pure burnt flavor, or something else associated with the bitterness in dark chocolate. Even at 30 watts, I was unable to pick up on anything else.

Middle – After the burnt flavor (or bitterness) diminishes, a dark chocolate note emerges. There’s more of a true bitter note now, working to create a rather velvety mouthfeel. The cocoa level is extremely high, like 90% or more. If I had to describe the flavor, I’d compare it to the slightly burnt edges that accumulate after melting a bar of dark chocolate in a regular pot (instead of using a double boiler…). It’s not the worst flavor I’ve ever vaped, but it’s not what I was expecting.

End – Bitterness; what little dark chocolate flavors were present have been 100% replaced. As I mentioned previously, it’s hard to put a finger on the “burnt” flavor. I’m not entirely confident as to where it may be coming from, but if I had to guess, I’d say the bitter cocoa would have something to do with it. It’s almost like sticking your finger into a tub a pure dark cocoa (used for baking), with no sugar added, and giving it a taste.

Aftertaste – Despite the burnt chocolate edges, and bitterness, Cocoa finishes extremely clean. No lingering flavors of any kind!


Ok, let’s be fair. I knew Cocoa from My Freedom Smokes was going to be a hard flavor to pull off going into this review. Bitterness and dark chocolate were the only two thing MFS had to work with, so there weren’t many ways for this liquid to go. Perhaps a touch of milk chocolate or white sugar could’ve helped this flavor out.

Cloud Production:

Good, all things considered. Vaping a single coil build at 30w, I was not really expecting to chuck O’s and surely not prepared for any cloud comp.

Product Info:

Size/s – 30, 60, 125ml

Available Nic – 0 – 48mg

VG/PG ratio – 80/20

Price – $7.49 (per 30ml)

Bottle type – needle nose tipped 30ml

Purchase MFS Cocoa liquid here.

Final Thoughts:

This vape was OK. It really could’ve gone a lot worse. There were definitely some authentic dark chocolate flavors present, but the chocolate notes were almost completely overpowered by bitter crusty chocolate edge characteristics (still not quite sure how to explain it!)

Hey, they can’t all be a winner right?

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