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Freshly picked blueberries and syrup, with hints of liquid butter; there’s no mistaking, breakfast is served! If you’re a big breakfast fan like myself, you’ll want to give Blueberry Waffle a try!

First Impressions:

Really nice, simple branding on the My Freedom Smokes premium line of liquids. Not a huge fan of the plastic needle-nose style bottles, but can’t really gripe too much on that one. The MFS line of liquids are made entirely in-house, which from my experience with other companies in the past, can either be a really good thing or really bad. I was a bit skeptical about the Blueberry Waffle flavor, but decided to give it a try and hope for the best!

Flavor Profile:

Blueberry flavor is very strong in this one. Tastes like a waffle smothered in fresh blueberries and blueberry syrup.


I picked up on the blueberry and pancake syrup straight away. The blueberries have a really nice fresh aroma to them, almost as if they had been picked a few hours ago. I did get some hints of a bread, but nothing that would lead me to believe this was a waffle flavored e-liquid. Should be make for quite an interesting vape.

My Setup:

Single spaced two core clapton (3mm ID, .42ohm’s) on the deck of the Goon V1.5, airflow shutdown halfway. Pulsed on the Volcano E-cigs Lavabox DNA 200, 40-45 watts.


Front – Strong bouquet of blueberry flavors here. There’s a freshly picked blueberry flavor, and a blueberry syrup note working together. I picked up on some liquid butter as well, and possible a hint of super light bread. The butter mixed with the blueberry flavors really serves to add to the authenticity of this breakfast-themed vape.

Middle – I turned my device down to 40w half way through my testing, in an effort to pick up on some of the bread characteristics (in case I was missing any…). With the airflow shut down 50%, and the wattage turned down, I was not able to pick up on any waffle-esque flavors, with the exception of a fluffy bread note on the backend of my palate. All blueberry flavors remained potent, and the sugar level was decently high (as any proper blueberry syrup should be). The intensity of the liquid butter was reduced ever so slightly, allowing the fruits to shine.

End – Blueberry Waffle finished with some overcooked bread taste on the back end. It’s not quite burnt waffle, but pretty darn close. The freshly picked blueberries and pancake syrup blend is replaced by straight blueberry syrup with a hint a fresh berries and butter.

Aftertaste – A decent amount of residual sugar is left lingering on my palate. However, It’s pretty hard to complain about the excess syrup, especially considering the blueberry waffle flavor. It is easily washed with 1-2 sips of bottled water.


This review could’ve gone a lot worse in my opinion. While I didn’t really get as much waffle flavor as I wanted, everything else was there, including the butter.

Cloud Production:

Finally, an 80/20 blend! Even on my single coil setup at 45watts, the clouds were thick and dense. A dual coil build at twice the wattage would make for a great ‘O blowing’ setup!

Product Info:

Size/s – 30, 60, 125ml

Available Nic – 0 – 48mg

VG/PG ratio – 80/20

Price – $7.49 (per 30ml)

Bottle type – needle nose tipped 30ml

Purchase MFS Blueberry Waffle here

Final Thoughts:

My Freedom Smokes did a really good job with Blueberry Waffle. I’d like to see a bit more waffle or even crepe flavoring added to this same blend, with the sugar content cut in half. MFS has got something good going on here!