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An interestingly complex combination of melons and mild minty flavor. If you can’t live without a good fruity vape, Fresh Farms Morning Melon is definitely worth checking out!

First Impressions:

I like the branding on the Fresh Farms line of liquids. The packaging is a nice change in pace from the typical crazy collection of colors and backgrounds, action figure-esque characters, and oddball choice of font. Everything on the packaging is evenly spaced and sectioned in such a way as to make the entire box very visually appealing. A hand drawn picture of a sunrise coming up over a green patch of grass adds a certain uniqueness to the bottle that’s quite nice. Social connects, e-juice ingredients, and product warning are all clearly listed as well.

Flavor Profile:

Morning Melon is the perfect blend of Honey Dew, watermelon and cantaloupe flavors. Coupled with a hint of sweet minty flavor for freshness, this liquid will remind you of a dew covered field in the early morning hours. Great ADV!


A combination of honey dew and juicy, slightly sweet cantaloupe upfront. There’s a coolness to the smell that reminds me of a less potent mint hard candy (perhaps after dinner mint). Very fresh aroma!

My Setup:

Drop Dead 24mm with a dual alien framed staple from SHB (saddlehorseblues). Pulsed on the DNA 200 Lavabox from Volcano E-cigs. Airflow set shutdown 75% for the majority of this review.


Front – At first, Morning Melon threw me a bit of a curveball. I did notice a mild honey dew upfront, along with some additional sweetness from a recognizable cantaloupe flavor. Added to the tasty blend of melons is a touch (and I mean a touch), of calming mint flavor. The mint doesn’t really do much in the taste department, but does change the how the melon is presented as a flavor. Instead of a super juicy natural sweet honeydew, I got more of a low sugar melon fruit juice kind of flavor. Better than expected!

Middle – The minty addition remains on the scene, and does a great job balancing the natural melon sugars. There’s a slight boost in sweetness on the back of my palate from a sliced watermelon, but not a whole lot more. Still a good liquid, but definitely not what I was expecting (not sure what I was expecting, to be honest…).

End – Morning Melon ends with a very natural mixed melon flavor. Just enough sweetness to pass as a fruit vape and not an ounce more! The end reminds me of a fresh homemade gelato with chunks of fruit – it’s not really so much about the mint per-say, but more about the cooling combination of melon juice and cream.

Aftertaste – No lingering here of any kind. Morning Melon doesn’t have near the amount of sweetener found in other fruit liquids, and my palate was left clean because of it.

Cloud Production:

Nothing to write home about. Your basic 70/30 blend produces mediocre clouds at best |  Farm Fresh uses a thinner 65% VG blend, so don’t expect any cloud production beyond the occasion wisp of translucent vapor.

Product Info:

Size/s – 60ml

Available Nic – 0, 3 and 6mg

VG/PG ratio – 65/35

Price – $24.99

Bottle type – standard gorilla

Final Thoughts:

This flavor was pretty interesting, and totally not what I expected. The addition of mint to this lightly sugared natural melon blend works perfectly!

Recommendable? You betcha. If you’ve yet to find a melon juice tasty enough to consider for an ADV, I’d suggest checking this one out.

ADV? Yes. It’s not really my favorite combination of flavors in the whole world, but I could see myself vaping it all day without loosing interest.

Purchase Morning Melon here

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