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VooPoo has really excelled in bringing us some excellent box mod options that are easy to navigate, but remain powerful and give the user some options that suit their own preferences. Their best-known feature is perhaps their GENE Chipset, and the new version, the GENE FIT Chip. Fast-firing technology, customizable vaping modes, and menu systems that don’t leave us groaning are really what make their products awesome. I reviewed the VooPoo Drag 2 Kit a few months back and I haven’t fallen out of love with the way it vapes. If you weren’t aware, VooPoo really got their start in the industry after they acquired WoodyVapes back in 2017. This device, the VooPoo x WoodyVapes X-217 217W TC Box Mod caught my eye with its gorgeous design. But the fact that this is a dual 21700 mod is really what sealed the deal. I picked one up for the purpose of this review.

The Design

Having had good experience with VooPoo products in the past, I wasn’t worried that this mod would be all looks and lacking performance. The VooPoo x WoodyVapes X-217 217W TC Box Mod is available in five different color options for the resin panelling: Prussian blue, scarlet, purple jade, aurora, and ink. The body of the mod has a beautiful finish to it as well, but what really catches the eye is the front face of the mod. The fire button has a resin inlay and all of the features have an angular, modern look to them.

Not to mention, there is a cool u-shaped LED strip that surrounds a larger portion of the mod’s face. The LED strip reacts to firing and has what they have called a “breathing effect.”

The Build

The chassis is constructed out of zinc alloy material, but the sides have carbon fiber inlays. And not only does the fire button showcase some cool resin, but the back side of the mod has a larger panel of it as well. On the top, there is a centered, spring loaded, gold plated 510 connection that can handle larger tanks, meaning no overhang for tanks up to 30mm.

The front face’s build from top to bottom is as follows: the angular resin fire button, a 1.3-inch TFT color display screen, a long, angular adjustment button, and the micro-USB port.

Unlike the DRAG 2 Mod, the VooPoo x WoodyVapes X-217 217W TC Box Mod’s battery door is not located underneath that back panel. Instead, the battery door is located on the bottom of the mod. It springs open very easily with the slide switch that displays the X-17 logo.

Let’s Talk Batteries and Power

As I mentioned, the VooPoo x WoodyVapes X-217 217W TC Box Mod is a dual 21700 device. But of course, like other such devices, you have the option of using 20700 and even 18650s if you so choose, thanks to the included 18650 battery adapter sleeves.

With a 21700 device, though, you know it’s going to be a heavier box mod. So don’t be surprised at the weightiness of the X-217. It’s a trade for the longer battery life when vaping at higher wattages.

The Vaping Modes

With the GENE FIT Chip and the ingenuity of the team at VooPoo, you’ll have some decent options to choose from when using the X-217 mod. There is standard power mode, of course. But you also get a full TC suite for Ni, Ti, and SS materials, plus a Variable Voltage Mode and a Variable Wattage Mode.

The Easy Menu System

Navigating the menu of the VooPoo x WoodyVapes X-217 217W TC Box Mod is pretty simple. This is one of the things I really appreciate with this brand. While you may want to vape in a bunch of different modes, some mods that offer these same settings are a headache to sift through—especially some of the buggy TC suites.

With the X-217, not so!

  • 5x clicks of the fire button will turn the device on and off
  • 3x clicks of the fire button to switch your vaping mode
  • To lock your device, hold the fire button and the + button.
  • Finally, if you need to adjust your settings in your current vaping mode, hold both of the adjustment buttons down to enter that mode’s menu screen.

Vaping with the VooPoo x WoodyVapes X-217 217W TC Box Mod

To test the TC mode, I used the Augvape Intake RTA as well as the GeekVape Loop RDA, using both SS and Ni coil builds. While I love vaping in TC modes, and the flavor of RDAs can be hard to beat, I’m more of a standard wattage vaper myself. Nonetheless, I can scrutinize TC capabilities with the best of them, and luckily, I didn’t find anything too wrong with the X-217’s TC suite. On the RDA, the wicking held up quite nicely. There weren’t any weird hiccups and the menu for TC was pleasantly simple. I had no issue adjusting the temp or wattage settings.

Standard Power Mode was super accurate, and the GENE FIT chipset means that the X-217 fires up with no issues. I used my SnowWolf Wolf Tank and was nothing but happy with the vapor output and power behind this mod.

The VooPoo x WoodyVapes X-217 217W TC Box Mod is a Heavy, Solid Beast

Each of the vaping modes, even VV and VW, were more than satisfactory, with little issues. There was one minor quirk with the X-217 though, and that was in TC mode. If you’ve got your ideal setting, but turn the device off, you lose it.  That means you’ll need to go back and adjust the settings again. However, not a big deal if you use any of the five memory modes, which should take care of that issue. Obviously, this device is slightly bigger than a dual 18650, and 21700 batteries are larger and heavier, so this mod is a hefty one. But it never felt uncomfortable to hold for me. The biggest con I could find with this device was battery rattle. Although this isn’t a huge deal for some, for others, it’s a big pet peeve. So keep that in mind.

All in all, the VooPoo x WoodyVapes X-217 217W Box Mod is one that I’ll be keeping in my arsenal. It’s reliable, solidly built, and in most cases, it vapes great.  

Purchase the VooPoo x WoodyVapes X-217 217W TC Box Mod from Vapor DNA.

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