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SMOK is calling the SMOK Morph 219W Box Mod Starter Kit a new classic. While I want to believe that it may well be—because visually, this kit is gorgeous—I’m hard pressed to imagine that this is better than their previous SMOK Species Kit. That’s only because I really have vaped that kit to death, and it’s yet to let me down! That being said, SMOK has released a bunch of other great devices that have sold like hot cakes, like the SMOK Mag or the Mag Grip and their pod system the SMOK Novo. With a new chipset and an intuitive, large touch screen, I was certainly excited to see how this would perform. Previous SMOK releases, as well as the other touch screen devices out there right now, were all under consideration in comparing this device. While the SMOK Morph is typically sold as a starter kit, the box mod is also available for purchase without the tank.

Unboxing the SMOK Morph 219W Box Mod Kit

SMOK Morph 219W Box Mod
Unboxing the SMOK Morph Box Mod Kit

The SMOK Morph 219W Box Mod Kit looks very familiar to me, but it does look like a new, updated version. I love the design, but it does remind me of the Species and the old SMOK Alien in some ways. It’s like they had a more classy baby. The chassis is sleek, with the main attraction being the 1.9-inch HD touch screen on the front face and the IML resin panelling on the back. The Morph has no buttons except for the oversized firing button, which goes along the entire side, and a button above the fire button to lock and unlock the touch screen function.

If you decide to purchase this as a kit, it comes with the new SMOK TF Sub-Ohm tank. The TF looks a lot like the TFV8 Baby V2 Sub-Ohm Tank to me, but it feels a bit slimmer.

Let me add that I was expecting the Morph to be larger and heavier, and was pleasantly surprised to find it felt a lot more comfortable than I had anticipated. The mod by itself is about 5.5 ounces, or 158 grams without batteries.

The Morph is available in five colors: black/red, rainbow/black, gold/black, prism blue and black, and prism chrome and black. I received the prism blue and black version of the mod and tank combo. In the sunlight, the finish is stunning. While it looks like a straight, shiny blue in most lighting, the sun brings out another dimension of color: what looks like a shimmery purple undertone.


  • One SMOK Morph 219 Box Mod
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Replacement Parts
  • User Manual
SMOK Morph 219W Box Mod
SMOK Morph Box Mod and Contents

The full kit also includes:

  • One SMOK TF2019 Sub-Ohm Tank
    • One TF2019 BF-Mesh Coil 0.25 ohm Coil Head
      • Pre-Installed
    • One TF2019 BC-Mesh 0.35 ohm Coil Head
  • Bulb Glass Protective Silicone
  • Replacement Glass

Build Details

The SMOK Morph 219W Box Mod is constructed out of zinc alloy, with IML resin panelling on the back side.

SMOK Morph 219W Box Mod
The back of the SMOK Morph Mod

The battery door is located on the bottom of the mod, with a hinge and lock system. Push the button up and the battery door will come open, but it does stay very secure when shut.

SMOK Morph 219W Box Mod
The bottom battery door

The front face showcases that beautiful 1.9-inch display screen. The top of the mod has a centered gold-plated 510 connection. The micro-USB Port is located discreetly toward the bottom, below the touch screen. The fire button feels wonderfully clicky, and I do like when mods have a whole side fire button. That, of course, is a personal preference. To me, it always feels a bit more ergonomic with a large side fire key.  

The New IQ-S Chipset

To make the SMOK Morph 219W Box Mod sound even better, SMOK has updated the chipset and includes the IQ-S Chip. This chipset includes safety protections, a 0.001-second firing speed, and a new key lock feature. The key lock feature is essentially a child lock function. You can set a 4 digit code within the menu system to prevent others from vaping your Morph.

The User Interface is a nicely updated system, reminiscent of the menus of past SMOK devices. But this is cleaner and—dare I say—better. To access the menu from the front screen, click the top left corner icon for the menu. From there, you can select Mode, which gives you the option of Wattage, TC/TCR (Ni, Ti, SS), and four memory slots. If you go back to the main menu and click on the System setting, you can find general info, the chipset info, and also change your wallpaper and color for the screen.

Navigating The Menu

SMOK Morph 219W Box Mod
The SMOK Morph’s Main Menu Screen

While some of the earlier touch screens on vape mods added extra frustration, this is thankfully not true of the Morph 219W Box Mod at all. The touch screen is very intuitive. Clear and uncluttered, the menu system is free of excessive clicks or features. This is a device a beginner could pick up and use, as well as someone who enjoys more advanced vaping.

To turn the device on or off, you simply click the fire button five times and select ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on the touch screen.

Vaping with the SMOK Morph 219W Box Mod

The functionality of the HD touchscreen on the Morph Mod is fantastic. I played around with the menu system and navigation well before I started vaping with this device. The mod is so easy! Big plus for the Morph. While the previous SMOK Species Mod does have a good touch screen, the one on the Morph feels upgraded and more touch sensitive.

I used the new SMOK TF Sub-Ohm Tank to test out the mod, as well as a couple of spare tanks and an RDA. The mod fires up quickly and accurately. I experienced no lags in firing whatsoever. Wattage Mode includes Soft, Normal, and Hard settings, all of which felt useful at various wattages. The TC/TCR Suite was nearly painless. It gave a smooth vaping experience and a relatively easy settings menu to fine tune the temp to whatever suits. Some SMOK mods of the past weren’t nearly as good in TC mode as this one, which means they’ve been continually improving. The new chipset is truly a pleasure to use. The only flaw I could find with this was the fingerprints on the touchscreen and the occasional lag when pressing ‘yes’ to turn off the mod. Those are very petty things to pick on.

The New Classic? It’s Certainly Classy

While I have been very much in love with SMOK’s previous Species Mod, I was even more impressed with the SMOK Morph 219W Box Mod. With an intuitive chipset, a smoothly integrated touch screen, and up to 219W of power the Morph ticks a lot of boxes. Even if you opt to purchase the full starter kit with the SMOK TF Sub-Ohm Tank, it’s a great value. The TF performed very well, providing pure flavor and some thick clouds. It’s very, very quiet as well compared to other tanks, which is more than appreciated in my book.

If you want a new, modern, slimmer box mod with touch screen functionality, I don’t think you can go wrong with the SMOK Morph 219W Box Mod or Starter Kit if you want the tank, too.

Purchase the SMOK Morph 219W Box Mod or Starter Kit here.

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