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A sweet and sour mix of Meyer lemons and key limes, mixed into a glass of orange juice. If you’ve been searching for a tart e-liquid, Five Star’s Miso Juicy may just have you covered.

First Impressions:

I first found out about Five Star Juice Co. through their presence on social media. Like most companies, they do a fair amount of posting and are always responsive to DMs, etc. In my opinion, their branding is top-notch. Their liquids all look professional, and do not seem to be marketed towards the younger crowd. The flavor descriptions are all easy to read, along with nic content/nic warning, and bottle size. Five Star has some pretty unique names for their liquids, and while I’m not a fan of all of them, they do help their flavors stand out in an increasingly populated e-juice marketplace.

Flavor Profile:

A tasty blend of citrus fruits paired with a tangy splash of sour flavoring.


Miso Juicy smells like a mix between a bottle of sweet and sour powder (for mixed drinks), and a jar of sour cherry jam. There’s definitely some fruit nuance in the foreground, but I found picking out individual fruits to be rather difficult.

My Setup:

A single 2.5mm fused clapton loaded in the 22mm Littlefoot MTL RTA by Bruce Pro Innovations. Wattage set between 50-65, airflow with open (that draw is super tight!).


Front – A mix of sweet Meyer lemons and tart key limes. An interesting orange juice-esque flavor combines with the sour fruit base, and cuts through a lot of the acidity. I’d compare the orange aspect to a with-pulp juice, or a slice cut straight from the fruit itself – it’s not nearly as sweet as some of the brands targeted candy lovers.

Middle – The mix of orange really comes in mid vape. The juicy side of the mixture provides a great mouthfeel, and the orange flavor now reminds me of the real thing (as opposed to just juice…). The lemon-y side of the sweet and sour citrus mixture is considerably reduced, and a touch of zest comes through with the juiced lime.

End – The finish on Miso Juicy can be compared to a lemon-lime hard candy, only not nearly as sweet. A decent amount of floral zest creates and interesting cooling sensation, and pairs perfectly with what remains of the orange juice base.

Aftertaste – Some lingering left behind from the sweet and sour side of this vape. Thankfully, because the sweetener levels are so low, the tart film is easily cleared with a sip of cold water.

Cloud Production:

Five Star uses a 60/40 blend here. Where a 70/30 blend will produce white vapor in small amount, this thinner mixture fails to do even that. I’d suggest adding straight VG, even if you plan to vape this stuff out of a tank.

Product Info:

Size/s – 15, 120ml

Available Nic – 0, 3 and 6mg

VG/PG ratio – 60/40

Price – $19.99

Bottle type – Gorilla

Final Thoughts:

Great liquid. It’s exactly what you’d expect it to be after reading the flavor profile. The delicate floral lime zest is flavor towards the end was quite interesting, and did taste a bit ‘off’ in my opinion. But there’s really not much I’d change about this flavor as a whole.

Recommendable? No. Unless you’re looking for basic lemon-lime flavor, there’s not a whole lot going on here.

ADV? No. This is one of the more basic flavors I’ve ran into in a long time. I set this flavor aside after 10 minutes of vaping.

Purchase Miso Juicy here

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