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A Michigan lawmaker is working to fill a void in vaping legislation.

State Representative Sue Allor, a Republican, sponsored the “Youth Tobacco Act.” House Bill 4017 intends to ban the use of e-cigarettes for minors within state borders, from the Lower Peninsula to the U.P, according to the Holland (Mich.) Sentinel.

HB 4017 also targets all forms of nicotine-related products, including traditional cigarettes.

Allor’s proposed law was a reaction to Michigan not having a possession law on the books for minors. If eventually made into law, HB 4017 would create a misdemeanor for individuals under the age of 18 buying, attempting to buy, possessing, attempting to possess or utilizing vaping devices.

If caught by authorities, minors could be hit with a variety of charges, including a $50 fine, a total of 16 hours of community service or playing a role in programs for health promotion and risk reduction.

If an individual is busted for a second offense, the community hours would increase to 32. A third offense carries 48 hours of community service, the Holland Sentinel reported.

Allor has served on the state House of Representatives since being elected in November 2016 and already holds important positions. Among the most influential, she has a seat on the House Appropriations Committee and resides as the subcommittee chair of the Natural Resources.

Other commitments include serving as vice chair of Health and Human Services, an Appropriations’ subcommittee. She also sits on subcommittees for General Government, Michigan Department of Education, Military and Veterans Affairs and School Aids.

Certainly, she is in position to make a difference and potentially expand on existing local bans in Washtenaw County and Canton Township. Washtenaw prohibits vaping in bars and restaurants and enclosed workplaces. Canton teenagers can be charged with a misdemeanor if they are caught vaping.

HB 4017 currently sits with the House Committee on regulatory reform, according to the Holland Sentinel.

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