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Maintaining your gear and devices can improve your vaping experience in more ways than one. Adjusting the contacts on your mechanical box mod may sound like a tedious task, but it’s easier than you think. Follow this simple guide, and you’ll have your batteries fitting snugly again.

No one likes a loose fitting battery. Whether your using a single cell mech mod, or a dual cell box, the method for contact adjustment is nearly identical. The box I will be using in the tutorial today is the Titan Mods V2 Parallel, but you’ll be able to use the tricks today to adjust any mechanical box mod with similar contacts.


Mechanical boxes have grown in popularity over the past few years. They’re simple, easy to use and maintain, and are built like bricks. Free from electronic parts and displays (with some exceptions, obviously…), mechs are a great option for advanced vapers.

The Battery Sled


A close up of the battery sled on this parallel box will reveal two positive markings (upper) and two negative markings (lower). There are four points of contact (two for each battery…), and one firing button (found on the left side.). This particular box has built-in reverse polarity protection, so any cell inserted in the incorrect orientation will blow a ‘fuse’, instead of damaging the battery.

The Contact


Here you see a picture of the contact we will be adjusting. I have placed a small flathead between the metal ‘flap’ (contact) and bottom of box.

Note: Please only attempt contact adjustment if you’re familiar with general battery safety.


BatterySled-Flathead-Adjustment02You’ll want to start your adjustments by first inserting a screwdriver between the metal contact and bottom of the box. There’s no need to force anything, if you can’t fit the screwdriver between the two pieces, find a smaller tool!

The ‘Twist’


Next, while holding onto your device, you’ll want to press down, toward the bottom of the box, and twist the contact in an upwards fashion towards the top of the box (with one edge of the flathead). No heavy force is required for adjustment, so if you find yourself struggling, try re-inserting your flathead further into the metal contact (closer to the corner closest to the back of the box). The goal here is to lightly pull the contact up away from the bottom of the box, while maintaining the structural integrity of the contact itself.

Think of the contact like a spring. It needs needs to be stretched out evenly to maintain equal pressure throughout.


  • When adjusting the contact on the left side of your box, use the left edge to press down and the right edge of the flathead to twist up on the contact.
  • When adjusting the contact on the right side of your box, use the right edge to press down and the left edge of the flathead to twist up on the contact.
  • For single battery mech boxes, adjustments (twisting) can be made in either direction. I’d recommend alternating every so often to extend the life of your contacts.

Just repeat the twisting motion for each contact (making sure switch the side you pull up on accordingly.), and you’ll batteries will fit tightly once again!