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Massachusetts vapers are preparing for change.

State public health officials signed, sealed and delivered new Massachusetts vaping laws prior to the New Year.

Are you ready? detailed the major changes:

  • The legal age to buy tobacco and vaping products was raised to 21.
  • Pharmacies are now prohibited from selling and vaping and tobacco products.
  • Vaping is now also against the law at places where smoking traditional cigarettes are banned.

The new ordinances fall in line with state policies Massachusetts Gov. Charles D. Baker Jr. signed last July. Health boards throughout the state were informed last September of the pending alterations, reported.

The new rules, especially the raised age purchase limit, are “putting up a stronger barrier” to combat the age-old dilemma of teen smoking and the rising trend of teen vaping, said Dr. David Tapscott, who serves as vice chairman of the Uxbridge Board of Health.

Tobacco-cessation devices, which are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), could be granted exemption status, Massachusetts Tobacco Cessation and Control Program associate Patricia Henley wrote in December, according to the State House News Service.

The new laws state that sales of flavored tobacco products can only be executed at retail stores for adults only and smoking bars and taverns, reported.

Teenagers in Worcester, Mass., likely will barely take note of the new laws. The city has employed 21-year-old age restrictions since September 2016.

The state now appears to be emulating Worcester’s lead. Since November 2015, the city’s tobacco regulations included all nicotine delivery products, which include vaping devices, Director of Public Health Kathryn E. Clark told

Clark pointed out the new state ordinances paralleled those outlined in the Greater Worcester Community Health Improvement Plan. The director also disputed the debate that retail stores will suffer financially from the state-wide age increase.

“To date, we are not aware of any stores that have closed as a result in the City or any community that has passed this regulation,” Clark said.

Could that change?

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