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JUUL Labs is under investigation. Again.

The state of Massachusetts is conducting an investigation of JUUL and two online retailers for possible age-related sales violations. Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey will try to prove the three vaping sources failed to establish safeguards to prevent minors from purchasing their products, according to Reuters.

Healey’s probe targets JUUL, the fast-rising, and much-targeted San Francisco-based e-cigarette company. JUUL has been in the news recently for being valued at $15 billion, named in at least three lawsuits for misleading marketing claims and enduring a series of community bans.

Still, when young professionals adopt “JUULing” as an accepted verb for vaping, the company stands in a prime position to lead the industry into the next decade. The trouble is Healey is concerned too many teens use the term, too.

“The bottom line, this is about keeping young people safe and healthy,” she said at a news conference last week.

Healey’s office contacted two companies, Direct Eliquid and Eonsmoke, and delivered two cease-and-desist letters, instructing both to stop selling JUUL and other products to Massachusetts residents until they can verify their software will block minors from making purchases, Reuters reported.

JUUL replied with confidence over its age verification systems. In a press release, the company said it employs “stringent online tools” that targets and denies anyone under 21 years of age.

JUUL representatives also wanted it noted to a wave of critics: Since being established in 2015, “we have never marketed to anyone underage.”

As Healey’s office continues its investigation, the AG seeks to determine the effectiveness of JUUL’s online tools and its safeguards against online retailers in its network who fail to obey every law on every purchase.

Healey’s office also is acting in the wake of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announcing a crackdown on the sale of e-cigarettes and tobacco products to minors. The FDA made a point to target JUUL.

Seems like the thing to do now.

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