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Balanced mango fruit combines with a thick and creamy ice cream base. Reminiscent of the orange colored fruit pops you can find in the frozen aisle. Mango Creamsicle by Milkman E-Liquids nailed this one!

First Impressions:

In my opinion, Milkman has some of the cleanest branding on the market. Everything on the label has a purpose, is very easy to read, and spaced out perfectly (almost like an old school HTML table). The milk jug graphic makes sense, and doesn’t look half bad either. No issues with copyright or profanity here, and the bottle certainly doesn’t seem to be marketed to teenagers. A++ for sure!

Milkman Delights are a continuation of the original Milkman line, and include a variety of interesting flavors from Melon Milk to Lemon Pound Cake. In general, I feel like mango is not the most popular flavor for e-liquids – add some milk to the mix, and there’s a good chance things could go south in a hurry! That’s exactly why I decided to give Milkman E-Liquids Mango Creamsicle a try.

Flavor Profile:

A take on a nostalgic treat. Juicy mango fruit combined with rich and smooth creams reminiscent of the filled mango pops from back in the day!


Slightly acidic, slightly sweet sliced mango, mixed with a blend of whole milk or heavy cream. In the foreground, subtle notes of vanilla bean.

My Setup:

24mm Loop V1.5 BF RDA from GeekVape loaded with a set of claptons (.22ohms), pulsed on an old school single 26650 mech. I started with the airflow at 50%, and kept it that way for the entirety of this review.


Front – Smooth mango mixed with a cold milk. The mango fruit itself has an acidic side, but it’s balanced considerably by a bit of excess white sugar. A combination of slightly sweet creams, a hint of vanilla bean, and mildly tart mango is surprisingly tasty.

Middle – 99% of the acidity that was present in the mango initially has been eliminated – and a sweet canned mango base is all that remains. Instead of a cold milk and cream mixture, the filling morphs into a thicker milkshake type blend with vanilla bean, and creates a wonderfully smooth mouthfeel as a result. If I had to describe the flavor mid vape, I’d compare this creamsicle liquid to a spoonful of dense mango gelato.

End – A mango cream pop is the first thing that comes to mind. Blended then frozen sliced mango fruit, and a dense lightly sweetened vanilla infused cream filling. All flavors remain potent until the very end, and many an exit together.

Aftertaste – There is some sugar present in Mango Creamsicle. Thankfully, Milkman did a great job keeping the sweetener within reason – and a smooth, clean, non-lingering flavor is a direct result.

Cloud Production:

70/30 blend, bad for thick vapor production, great for flavor. I’d prefer a slightly thicker ratio, perhaps a 75/25 or 80/20, but this still gets the job done.

Product Info:

Size/s – 60ml

Available Nic – 0, 3, and 6mg

VG/PG ratio – 70/30

Price – $17.99 (60ml)

Bottle type – Standard Gorilla

Final Thoughts:

I was pretty worried that mango creamsicle would end in an acidic cheesy fruit milk disaster. But boy was I wrong. The acidity was perfectly balanced, and the blend of creams did not carry a pungent cheese note along with it. Very good!

Recommendable? You betcha. This liquid would appeal to fruit and dessert lovers alike.

ADV? I’d have to take a pass, just not my thing, personally — but I recommend giving it a shot.

Purchase Mango Creamsicle by Milkman E-Liquids here.

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