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A boozy Bananas Foster base, mixed with flaked coconut, orange juice, and a hint of freshly brewed coffee on the backend. This low sugar adult dessert vape from Broke Dick will have you coming back for seconds!

First Impressions

Ok, I’ll be honest. When I first saw the branding of the Broke Dick line-up, I was not thrilled. However, after hearing the background story from the owner (yes, he seriously took the time to give me a brief summary), I completely changed my mind. Since then, the company has re-labeled their bottles using different graphics, but has stuck with the original name. I don’t mind it one bit!

The Magnum line from Broke Dick has been supercharged with 25% more flavor – So I expected this bottle of Payday to be tastier at the very least.

Flavor Profile

A candy store concoction infused with bourbon. Hints of coconut, banana, caramel, butterscotch, orange, and a touch of cappuccino on the backend. Payday is the #1 re-ordered vape juice on – it’s that good!


The aroma coming from this bottle is reminiscent of a homemade Bananas Foster. Hints of bourbon and burnt sugar upfront, supported by softer notes of ripened banana. Coconut is in the mix as well, but it could easily be overlooked if you’re not paying attention.

My Setup

A single framed staple loaded in the Drop Dead 24mm BF RDA from Hellvape. Pulsed on a DNA 200 box mod from Volcano E-cigs, wattage: 40-60, airflow shutdown 50%.


Front – A boozy Bananas Foster that is by no means hiding in the background. You can really taste the fruit too. The bourbon is pretty mellow, all things considered (a light ‘oakiness’ and hints of mildly floral nutmeg and anise), and seems to be smoothed out by a light caramel. Acting as a topping of sorts, is a mix of flaked coconut and orange juice. Very smooth mouthfeel and low sugar make Payday super approachable.

Middle – All lot of the same flavors are present mid vape. The flaked coconut and orange add a nice natural sweetness to the vape, and some residual cream on the backend continue to support a velvety mouthfeel. I also noticed a hint of brewed coffee mixed in with the Bananas Foster at this point, that really boosts the complexity of the liquid overall.

End – Payday finishes with all flavors present, from the Bananas Foster to the tropical coconut. The notes of booze never become too overpowering, and the acidity is kept to an absolute minimum.

Aftertaste – Very clean. I don’t recall how the original Payday blend fared in the aftertaste department, but the Magnum release is perfect.

Cloud Production:

Not bad for a 70/30 blend. I would like to try this supercharged Magnum in a 80/20 though! A boost in clouds and great flavor, now that sounds like a good combination to me!

Product Info:

Size/s – 120ml

Available Nic – 0, 3 and 6mg

VG/PG ratio – 70/30

Price – $11.75 / Buy it here!

Bottle type – Jumbo sized unicorn

Final Thoughts

There’s a ton, and I mean a ton, of flavors present in Payday. It’s everything you’d want from a boozy dessert, and more.

I wasn’t sure how much ‘extra flavor’ the Magnum liquids would have – but they are, without a doubt, noticeably more potent.

Re-purchase? Absolutely. Payday is complex enough to keep me interested for awhile.

Recommendable? Yes. If you like complex dessert vapes, this one is definitely for you!

Purchase Payday here!

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