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Lost Vape joined the world of vaping in 2014. This brand is known for pushing boundaries, with innovative technology, plus amazing craftsmanship. You may have heard of the Lost Vape Paranormal Box mod or even the Triade, but did you know that Lost Vape came out with a high-end pod mod system? It’s called the Lost Vape Orion DNA GO Pod System. This is the first pod system to utilize a DNA chipset. With a collaboration between Lost Vape and Evolv (the makers of the DNA chipset and Escribe software), it’s easy to have high expectations for the Orion DNA GO. Plus, a high-end system is going to have a heftier price tag, so is it really worth it for a pod mod device? Are you better off getting something else?

Small, But Designed Like a Legend

The measurements of the Lost Vape Orion DNA GO Pod System are about 4 and a half inches tall (93mm), an inch and a half wide (37mm), and about a half an inch in thickness (13.5mm). It’s small and compact, but it’s gorgeous to look at. The base colors for the chassis are silver, black, gold or blue, with the option of real abalone or genuine carbon fiber paneling. The main body is made from stainless steel. Every single inlay and color combo looks expensive, and that’s one reason why the Orion DNA GO stands out.

On the body of the Orion, you’ll find a cartridge lock for the pods, the firing button below that, then a LED light indicator, an adjustment button, and a micro-USB port (underneath the cover door).

Product Specs

  • DNA GO 40W Chipset
    • Official Evolv DNA GO Chipset
    • Built In Escribe Software
  • Automatic Settings for MTL or DL
    • Ohm Cut-Off Settings Adjustable via E-Scribe
    • Default Settings
      • DL
        • 0.2 to 0.39 ohm
        • Default Power Profiles
          • White
            • 11W
            • 5 Boost
          • Blue
            • 13W
            • 4 Boost
          • Red
            • 15W
            • 3 Boost
      • MTL
        • 0.47 to 0.71 ohm
        • Default Power Profiles
          • White
            • 8W
            • 6 Boost
          • Blue
            • 10W
            • 4 Boost
          • Red
            • 11W
            • 3 Boost
    • Wattage Profiles Can be Added via E-Scribe
    • DL and MTL Wattage Profile can be Changed via E-Scribe
  • Built-in 950mAh Battery
    • 450 Puffs Per Charge
  • Escribe Companion Software
  • Micro USB Port
    • 1A Charging
    • Firmware and Software Upgrade

The Pod Design

The pods for the Lost Vape Orion DNA GO are a 2ml capacity. They’re black in color, but are translucent enough to see the level of your e-liquid. The pod cartridges themselves are made from a PC (polycarbonate)-110 Food Grade, while the coils in the pods are stainless steel with organic cotton wicking. The filling port is located on the top: just unscrew the cap and fill. Across from the filling port/top cap, there is a Delrin drip tip and an adjustable airflow.

All of These Features…For a Pod Mod?

When you think pod mod, you typically imagine the industry standard, nice quality, but nothing that really stands out from the rest. Really, it comes down to comparing the top pod mod models and choosing the one that sounds right for you. But if you thought a pod mod system couldn’t be packed with unique features, you were wrong. The Lost Vape Orion DNA GO Pod System is pretty revolutionary, thanks to the DNA GO chipset.

The DNA GO Chipset and Features

The DNA GO Chipset from Evolv works with their Escribe software. If you download the software from Evolv’s website, you can utilize Escribe to upgrade firmware and customize your vaping experience by altering Low, Med, and High wattage settings and more. It’s not too complicated, and the option to tinker with your Orion until it’s your perfect experience is pretty priceless.

You can also utilize Evolv’s patented Replay mode, which allows you to save a power setting that you feel is the perfect puff. To go into Replay mode, just hold down the adjustment button for a few seconds until the light turns green. Then you’re golden! Click and hold the button again to exit Replay mode. The advantages of Replay, according to Evolv, is an extension of battery life, dry hit prevention, a consistent hit every time, and an extension of your pod’s lifespan.

The DNA chipset also offers a Boost function, to increase power output or boost your puff, plus it has an auto-detect feature that recognizes your pod’s resistance and adapts accordingly.

The LED Light Indicator for Battery Life

To check your Orion’s battery life, press the firing button two times. The LED light colors are customizable in the Escribe software. Standard settings are as follows: Blue (95-100%), Green (70-95%), Yellow (30-70%), Red (15-30%) and Blinking Red (0-15%). When your battery is very low, the LED light blinks until the device automatically shuts off.

To Change Your Orion’s Power Settings

Press the Adjustment button once to swap through power settings (which also can be changed via the Escribe software). White is low, Blue is medium, and Red is high. The power settings are curtailed based upon which Orion Pod you are using.

Vaping the Lost Vape Orion DNA GO Pod System

I don’t think I have found a pod mod I quite enjoyed as much as the Orion DNA. This device is a bit more than a standard pod mod, and you can easily use it for DTL vaping, and a rather looser MTL vaping experience. The two pod types are the 0.25-ohm pod (better on vapor production, listed as a DTL pod and the 0.5-ohm pod (better for flavor, listed as an MTL pod). While I understand why they labelled the pods as a DTL or MTL pod, they both function just fine in either vaping style.

The flavor from the pods with nicotine salts is fantastic, but these work well with a regular e-liquid as well. I have nothing bad to say about how this vaped (except maybe the looser MTL draw, which doesn’t bother me but might bother other vapers). Learning how to use the Orion wasn’t too difficult, and even though the Escribe software sounded a little complicated to me, I was able to figure it out pretty quickly. Lost Vape lists the battery life as lasting for around 450 puffs, which for me equated to about 4-6 hours of vaping. Charging is fast with the 1A onboard amp. You should reach a full charge in about 45 minutes to an hour.

Should You Buy the Lost Vape Orion DNA GO Pod System?

If you want a pod mod system that will last you much, much longer than the other pod mods on the market, yes. Are you thrilled at all of the customizable features? Then yes. If you don’t mind spending a bit more money to get a higher quality product, absolutely. While the Lost Vape Orion DNA GO Pod System is probably not for everyone, this ranks very high for me as one of the best pod mods I’ve ever gotten my hands on. You may be spending a little extra, but odds are, you’ll enjoy this system more than others.

Purchase the Lost Vape Orion DNA GO Pod System here.

(Note to the buyer: most sites are selling the pods separately, so be sure to check and avoid frustration. If you need to purchase them separately, Vapor DNA carries them here.

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