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Lola E-Liquid by Traditional Juice Co. is an award-winning e-liquid. Traditional Juice Co. was founded back in 2014 by Conor and Bob Denman. They’re big believers in providing customers with high-quality U.S. ingredients and great customer service. Another juice company based out of Orange County, California, these guys know that robust flavors are important to flavor chasers. I came across this juice and saw that it was the first place winner of Vape Summit’s Best Tea Flavored E-Juice category in 2014, so I picked up a bottle for the purpose of this review.

Branding and Packaging

Traditional Juice Co. has gone with a traditional tattoo logo on each of their bottles to represent their name. Lola features a girl with a sailor hat, surrounded by a floral frame and an anchor. The art style is very specific to this genre of traditional tattoo art, but it was executed very cleanly. It catches your eye, but never in an obnoxious way.

They keep their logo a bit demure, but it works. The typeface is in gold lettering, but still the same old school tattoo style.

The Smell

The first whiff of Lola E-Liquid by Traditional Juice Co. made me think of a hot summer day. But that’s because this is clearly an iced tea e-liquid. It smells like I should be sitting on a porch somewhere in 90-degree heat. Undertones of strawberry are prevalent, too. But not as prevalent as the floral vibe you get from this.

The Flavor of Lola E-Liquid by Traditional Juice Co.

Upon further investigation, Lola E-Liquid by Traditional Juice Co. is described as a hibiscus iced tea infused with strawberries. A fruity, floral beverage e-liquid that I can imagine is a hot sell during the hot days of the year. Not saying people don’t care to vape iced tea flavors during the fall and winter, but it’s a very seasonal flavor combination.

Vaping Lola E-Liquid by Traditional Juice Co.

I used the VooPoo Drag 2 and ADVKEN Manta Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank to review this. With the 0.16-ohm mesh coil, I started vaping Lola E-Liquid by Traditional Juice Co. at 65W.

The inhale caught me by surprise, because of how fresh the hibiscus tea notes were. If you’ve ever tried hibiscus tea, it can go one of two ways: a fresh, floral that is refreshing like a lavender tea, but milder or a bit too strong and bitter. This was, thankfully, the more pleasing flavor. The middle notes were a slightly milder tea and then the strawberry came in toward the exhale.

I tested Lola E-Liquid up to 80W and then swapped out the tank and went down as low as 25W. I found the best flavor to come out anywhere from 35W on up. Below that and the taste was a bit too mild.   

Cloud Production

Lola E-Liquid by Traditional Juice Co. is a 60/40 VG/PG liquid. You really aren’t going to get tremendous clouds out of this e-juice. Clouds are about average or slightly below depending on what type of tank and settings you vape this on. I had a nice haze left over in the room, but I’ve seen better.  

Product Information

VG/PG Ratio: 60/40

Available in 0-18mg of nicotine

Sold in a 60ml Unicorn Bottle, also available in 15 and 30ml

Price is $24.99 for 60ml of e-liquid

Lola E-liquid is Refreshing and Smooth

In my opinion, this juice is the perfect example of how to blend fruity and floral. The hibiscus iced tea is done very, very well. This is easily an all-day-vape because of how smooth it vapes. It isn’t too sweet or too bitter; Lola E-Liquid by Traditional Juice Co. is a well-balanced vape juice that isn’t like many other juice blends I’ve tried. At least, not in execution. Although it’s a bit more money for 60ml, it’s a nice treat, especially for the upcoming summer season.

Purchase Lola E-Liquid by Traditional Juice Co. here.

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