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Ever find yourself in this situation? You see a new e-juice flavor that looks like it could be a potential All Day Vape, but you’re hesitant buy a whole bottle because you’ve been burned by bad flavors in the past?

Well, Lizard Juice wants to change that. And that’s why the company has unveiled their new “Don’t Like It? Don’t Vape It!” return program.

The Lizard Juice return program will allow customers who purchase a bottle of the company’s e-liquid to return it – no questions asked – if they don’t like it. Lizard Juice believes this will encourage customers to be adventurous and try new flavors without the risk of losing money on a purchase that doesn’t satisfy them.

“At Lizard Juice, we understand vapers have countless options when it comes to buying e-juice,” said Lizard Juice owner Gary Wilder. “At the same time, we believe our product is the best one out there – and we believe that so adamantly, that we’re willing to stand behind it 100%. If you try one of our e-liquids and don’t like it, simply return it. We’ll help you find another liquid that may be more to your liking.”

To participate in the program, consumers simply need to purchase a bottle of Lizard Juice e-liquid (either in-store or online). If they don’t like it, they can return it to a Lizard Juice location or contact the company through their website to initiate the return process. To qualify, liquid must be returned within 30 days of purchase, with over half the bottle unused. The offer does not apply to samples, supplements, sample packs, giveaways, or the Charlie’s Chalk Dust Line.

“We want our customers to be completely satisfied with every bottle of e-liquid they purchase from us – whether online or in a store. The “Don’t Like It? Don’t Vape It!” program helps us ensure we reach that goal. You can buy our products with complete confidence.”

Here’s to hoping more of the industry follows Lizard Juice’s lead. Do you know of other companies who offer returns, exchanges, or refunds on juice flavors that don’t satisfy? Let us know – we’ll be doing an updated list in the future to help you find new flavors without risking your hard-earned money.