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California vapers are being forced into becoming homebodies or cave dwellers or whatever term you decide to use to describe someone who rarely leaves their home.  

Residents of the Golden State soon may not have a choice.  

Following legislation to update the Los Angeles County’s “legal definition of ‘smoke’ and ‘smoking,’” the tobacco ban for beaches, government complexes, and parks were expanded by the Board of Supervisors on March 26 to include e-cigarettes, according to latimes.com.    

The supervisors didn’t stop there. The legislative body expanded the ban to include, among other locations, beach parking lots, bus stops and outdoor bars.   

By modernizing the county’s tobacco ban at bars, restaurants and workplaces and including e-cigarettes, the measure helped clarify the ordinance. 

“By closing loopholes of smoke-free zones, L.A. County residents are better able to enjoy cleaner, healthier air,” Supervisor Hilda Solis said via prepared statement. “No one should have to worry about the harmful effects of second-hand smoke while walking to school or work, or enjoying a meal in a restaurant.”  

The legislation details vaping is not allowed on any stretch of the 25 miles of beach property owned and maintained by county officials. Also, now included are parking lots near the prestigious beach destinations of Malibu, Marina del Rey and Venice, latimes.com reported.  

Advocates of the expanded ban contend it will help detour second-hand smoke and reduce beach waste from discarded e-cigarette packaging and pods 

Speaking to latimes.com, a Heal of the Bay spokesperson said cleanup representatives consistently are forced to pick up used packaging and unwanted cartridges at each beach. The ban upgrade was needed, Talia Walsh said.   

“It is a pretty big policy update,” Walsh said. “We’ve definitely seen them at every single beach cleanup we do.”  

Soon, there will not be any messes to clean up anywhere in public because, without fewer and fewer places left to vape, everyone will be hanging out at home. 

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