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E-juice bottles are an important part of the vaping experience. They’re an affordable means of storing, using, and mixing your e-liquids on the go. Because you use them so often, ensuring that they’re always clean prior to use is rather important. Today, we take a look at the most efficient ways to keep your unicorn bottles residue free!

Empty e-juice bottles come in all different shapes and sizes, from the old needle nose style, to the popular unicorn bottle, and the easy to use gorilla bottle. Whether you use them to vape on the go, or prefer them over the glass dropper style bottles used by many manufacturers on the e-juice market today, keeping your unicorns clean is rather important.

What I found


Although mixing bottles come in many different styles, the method used to keep them clean is the same. Because there’s nothing more annoying then a combination of the last e-juice flavor you vaped, and the one you’re vaping now! The extent to which you’ll need to clean everything can differ depending on:

  • E-juice Flavor
  • Time liquid has spent in the bottle

Other factors like nicotine level, and nicotine type (salts, liquid) can make a difference, but in general the two listed above will have the biggest impact on your bottle cleanliness.

E-juice Flavor

If your favorite vape juice flavors are rather sugary (candies and desserts), you’re going to have to be more vigilant about your bottles. The same sugars used to make your flavors taste good will stick to the inside of the bottle like glue. Eliminating all signs of a chocolate cake e-liquid tends to be much more difficult than removing residue left from an apple pear liquid.

Liquid Sitting Time

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that, the longer an e-juice flavor sits in your bottle, the more work you’re going to have to do to clean it. If you clean the e-liquid out of your gorilla immediately after use, it may take 1-2 minutes to wash out; but if you leave that same gorilla bottle filled with e-juice in your car for a few days, you’ll need to spend more timing washing it out, and may even need to introduce some light cleaners to get the job done.

Lightly Dirtied Bottles

Bottles that have been used to store a non-sugary liquids, and are cleaned shortly after use, fall into the lightly dirtied category. 90% of the time, they can be cleaned by:

  1. Pouring any remaining liquid down the drain (there shouldn’t be any if it’s a good flavor!)
  2. Separate the bottle into pieces
  3. Running the empty bottle under warm-hot water, 2-3 times
  4. Running the tip of the bottle under warm-hot water, 2-3 times
  5. Filling the bottle with water, installing the cap, and squeezing the water through the tip
  6. Emptying, and letting all pieces sit out on a dry towel to dry overnight


Heavily Dirtied Bottles

Bottles that have been used to store dessert/candy flavors for extended periods of time, are considered heavily dirtied (on the scale of e-juice storage containers anyway…). Extra time is required to remove all residue from these containers. In general, you can follow these cleaning steps:

  1. Pour all remaining liquid out of the bottle
  2. Separate the bottle into pieces
  3. Running all pieces of the bottle under warm-hot water, included the tip, 2-3 times
  4. Squeeze some warm-hot water through the tip of the bottle as well
  5. Mix a small (I mean really small, like 1/4 of a drop) amount of dish soap with warm-hot water in the bottle
  6. Squeeze some of the soapy water out of the tip of the bottle
  7. Let everything sit. This time will vary depending on how dirty the container is. For bottles that have sat in a warm car for 2+ days, 4-6 hours may be required. For sugary liquids that has sat less than 24hrs, 30mins – 2 hours usually does the trick
  8. Repeat steps 3 through 6 again, ensuring all soapy water has been completely eliminated
  9. Separate the bottle into pieces, and let everything dry on a towel overnight


Cleaning your gorilla and unicorn bottles is definitely not as hard as it sounds. Getting in the habit of washing these containers after each use, will increase there longevity as well. If you find flavors continue to carry over even after a thorough cleaning, it may be time to purchase some new new ones!

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