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A Guide to CBD Oils for Pets

By soupwire - February 12, 2019

CBD oil is rapidly becoming popular among dog and cat owners as a treatment option for a variety of different ailments and complaints. Before you begin using it with your furry friend, it’s important to educate yourself on the basics to make sure you’re doing right by your pet. We’ve created this guide to help you properly use CBD oil with your dog or cat.

What Is CBD Oil for Pets?

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First off, CBD oil for pets isn’t the same as CBD oil for humans. The main difference is the dosage and concentration. Humans are a lot bigger than dogs and cats and our bodies react differently to chemicals. When looking into CBD for your pet, it’s a good idea to get a tincture made specifically for them, not just general CBD.

There are typically three different kinds of delivery methods of CBD for pets: treats, oils, and capsules. Depending on the nature of your pet, it should be pretty obvious what will work best. When in doubt, treats will probably be the easiest! Be sure that you get high-quality CBD hemp oil to ensure there aren’t any extra chemicals that may harm your pet.

CBD oil for pets is used in a variety of ways. If your dog or cat deals with a lot of anxiety, CBD oil can be a great way to calm them down without resorting to drugs. It should work in all kinds of anxiety-inducing situations, from moving houses to fireworks to long car trips. If you aren’t having success with conventional methods, like vests or drugs, CBD oil may be the best alternative available. It can also help treat arthritis and chronic stiffness so that your pet can enjoy their life more comfortably well into old age.

Is CBD Oil Safe for Pets?

CBD oil is safe for pets! Of course, it comes down to proper dosage and high-quality oil, but it has shown real promise in helping out pets. It’s important to note that CBD hemp oil is no different from straight up CBD oil. Straight CBD oil has no THC in it, which is good news for your furry friends. There’s a misconception that CBD for pets will generate a psychoactive response but that’s simply not true. If there’s no THC, there’s no “high”. Instead, it works very similarly to how it works for humans, helping to control anxiety, nausea, and pain to improve quality of life.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

Like we previously mentioned, there are loads of benefits to using CBD oil with your pets. Dogs are often prone to anxiety caused by loud noises or new situations. If your pup really hates fireworks, thunderstorms, parties, or even super noisy neighbors, CBD oil can help calm them down and prevent those panic responses that can be dangerous for both you and your dog. Give them a CBD dosage daily or before a stressful event to help reduce their reactions.

If you have a dog that barks a lot, CBD oil may help get them to quiet down. Barking is often associated with high levels of energy or anxiety. The calming effects of CBD can help them regulate their emotions a little better and may help lead to a quieter home. Of course, you’ll need to couple this with training and positive reinforcement, but it’s a great step in the right direction.

Other medical conditions that benefit from CBD oil treatment include epilepsy and irritated bowels. Seizures are terrifying for both you and your dog, and can lead to a lot of serious long term health effects. CBD oil has been shown to help reduce seizure activity in humans and may lessen the after-effects. Many dog owners state that CBD oil has shown similar effects in their dogs. Again, it isn’t a cure but it can help reduce symptoms and anxiety. Irritated bowels are painful and often difficult to treat. CBD oil can help calm the intestines and reduce the associated pain, helping your pet heal faster and with less discomfort.

In addition, CBD oil is really helpful for many conditions big dogs face. Breeds like Labradors, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Great Danes, and Dobermans all deal with hip issues and other connective tissue problems due to their size and breeding. CBD oil can help relax their muscles and reduce aches and pains. It’s also ideal for dogs with arthritis. While it isn’t a miracle cure, they’ll be more comfortable in their daily life. Much like how CBD oil is beneficial for symptoms of arthritis in humans, it has similar benefits for pups.

What Are the Risks of CBD Oil for Dogs?

Like any treatment, there are risks involved. The highest risks come into play with improper dosage and poor quality CBD oil. Too much oil can lead to negative side effects, like lethargy. If you use a poor quality CBD oil that has too much of the carrier oil, your dog may have issues like vomiting or diarrhea. While there shouldn’t be any severe side effects for giving a little too much, it’s important to always follow dosage guidelines and consult with your vet before administering CBD oil.

How Do You Use CBD Oil for Dogs?

Like we mentioned before, CBD oil for pets comes in three different styles: oils, capsules, and treats. Oils should ideally be administered under the tongue, much like for humans. If your dog is pretty chill, this shouldn’t be a huge issue and it’s the most direct way to get CBD into their system. But that doesn’t mean it’ll go smoothly for everyone. If your dog is just not having it, you can try capsules, which are given like a pill. If your dog does well swallowing pills, go for it! This won’t work great with treat pockets though since biting into the capsule will release the oil and may cause your dog to spit it out.

Finally, treats. We find that treats are the easiest way to administer to picky or finicky dogs. It may take a little longer for them to feel the effects, but it’s so much easier to give them. If they’re not wild about the taste, try using peanut butter or other treats and food that your dog likes. They’ll start taking them in no time!

Dosages of CBD for Dogs

Dosages should be figured out using your dog’s weight and the severity of the issue you’re trying to treat. Bottles are typically available in 150 mg, 300 mg, and 600 mg ratios. It’s important to note that the 600 mg bottle is the same strength as the 300 mg bottle, just double the volume, while the 150 mg bottle is half strength. There are some great videos out there that can help you figure out the right dosage for your pet. Here’s a quick breakdown to make it easier to figure out how to treat your pet:

Dosage for large dogs, over 60 pounds:

  1. 600 mg bottle ratio preferred.
  2. 1 drop of oil is equal to 1 mg of CBD.
  3. 0.25 mg of CBD oil per 1 lb of weight (0.25 x weight) should equal out to the regular dose.

Dosage for medium dogs, over 20 pounds:

  1. 300 mg bottle ratio preferred.
  2. 1 drop of oil is equal to 1 mg of CBD.
  3. 0.25 mg of CBD oil per 1 lb of weight (0.25 x weight) should equal out to the regular dose.

Dosage for small dogs, under 20 pounds

  1. 150 mg bottle ratio preferred.
  2. 1 drop of oil is equal to 0.5 mg of CBD.
  3. 0.25 mg of CBD oil per 1 lb of weight (0.25 x weight) should equal out to the regular dose.

Consult with your vet to make sure that this seems right for your dog, but this approximate guide should help make sure you’re administering the right amount. So if you have a 50-pound dog, for example, you’ll want to give them about twelve and a half drops. 50 lbs x 0.25 mg = 12.5. For smaller dogs, under 20 pounds, remember that you’ll want to double the results to get the right amount since 1 drop is equal to only 0.5 mg of CBD.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Cats

Image via Flickr by StevenW

Cats get similar benefits from CBD oil as dogs. It works great for chronic issues ranging from arthritis to asthma to intestinal inflammation thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. It also has great benefits for your kitty’s mental health. If you have a cat that’s fearful of new people and hides whenever you have someone over, CBD oil can help reduce their anxiety and allow them to relax more. It can also help with car-related anxiety. Many cats hate spending time in the car, and CBD oil can help calm them enough that they don’t cry for the entire ride. Plus, CBD oil is great for their coats and can help reduce dry skin!

Again, like for dogs, CBD oil isn’t a cure-all and you should consult with your vet before starting to use it with your cat. This is super important if you’re trying to use it with conditions like epilepsy or serious arthritis.

What Are the Risks of CBD Oil for Cats?

One of the greatest risks for cats when using CBD is a sedative effect. Cats sleep a lot so it can be tricky to notice if the CBD oil is making them lethargic. Be sure to keep a close eye on them when you start to use CBD oil with your cat. If it seems like they’re napping a lot more than before, reduce the amount that you’re giving them. The goal of CBD oil is to help them enjoy life more, not just nap it away. You’ll also want to keep an eye on the quality of the oil. Like with dogs, too much carrier oil can upset their stomachs. Due to their smaller size, cats may be more affected by poor quality CBD oil. If they end up with serious diarrhea or vomiting, you’ll want to take them to the vet to avoid dehydration.

How Do You Use CBD Oil for Cats?

CBD oil for cats also comes in three types: treats, capsules, and oil. Be sure that you’re getting cat-sized treats and capsules. Because they are formulated for bigger animals with less sensitive systems, CBD products for dogs aren’t always great for cats. You can also stick to the 150 mg strength. You shouldn’t need 300 mg or 600 mg dosages.

Of course, cats tend to be a little more finicky about eating than dogs. Some owners have reported success mixing the oil into their cat’s favorite wet food if they refuse to take it otherwise.

Dosages of CBD for cats

Since cats are smaller, it’s harder to control dosage for them. We recommend using oils over capsules or treats for them unless you buy cat-specific products. You’ll probably want from 1 to 5 mg of CBD for every 10 lbs. And since cats are usually around 10 lbs, it equals out to about a drop or a few drops per day. Consult with your vet to ensure you’re giving them the right amount and be sure to start with smaller doses before working your way up. By starting small, you can acclimate them to the taste while also checking for any adverse reactions.

If your cat just straight up hates the oil, you can certainly try treats! Capsules are notoriously difficult so unless your cat swallows pills like a pro, it’s probably better to skip those. Treats come in lots of cat-approved flavors like salmon and chicken. Just be sure to keep them separate from their normal treats so you don’t end up giving them too many CBD treats!

CBD oil is a great solution for pets who deal with anxiety, arthritis, and other chronic conditions. Check with your vet and then start adding in CBD to your pet’s routine to see the benefits for your furry friend! Whether they need it every day or just for special occasions, it can make a huge difference in their health, both physical and mental.

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