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How to Prime an Atomizer Coil

By soupwire - February 12, 2019

While vaping can be easy and user-friendly, even for beginners, it is always important to understand how your vape device works and the types of maintenance you will need to perform to keep it functioning as it should. Learning how to properly prime an atomizer coil is key to help keep your vape device functioning longer and ensure you are getting the best quality hits.

By priming your device, you are essentially making sure that the wicking material in your device’s atomizer coil is properly saturated with vape juice before you begin vaping.

How to Prime an E-Cig Coil

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How you prime your atomizer coil will largely have to do with the internal design of your vape device. While the coils of all e-cig models will work in a similar fashion, some are designed to absorb the liquid more quickly, while others can take more time to fully absorb.

When priming your e-cig, you want to put drops of vape juice into the hole directly on the top of the coil to saturate the wick. Three to five drops will do the job. With a standard e-cig you will generally only be able to add a couple drops at a time. You can add a couple rounds of drops to make sure the wicking is saturated.

If you’re using a larger device, the coil will be larger and there will be several holes around the coil that expose the wicking. Add a couple of drops on the exposed cotton through each of these holes to saturate the wick.

Most tanks should be filled to capacity with vape juice before priming, unless your tank manufacturer specifically recommends leaving a small pocket of air. When you completely fill the tank, the vape juice can enter the area where the wicking or cotton is located and prime the atomizer coil.

Once filled, be sure to screw everything back securely without overtightening so you don’t run the risk of damaging the seals.

Priming Your Coil

After filling your tank with vape juice, you may need to wait several minutes until the vape juice is completely absorbed before attempting to heat the coil. All dry areas of the wicking need to be moistened before pushing the fire button. The length of time that it takes for your coil to prime will largely have to do with the type of vape juice that you use. Thinner consistency vape juice will take less time to absorb, and thicker liquids that have a higher level of vegetable glycerin will take longer to fully absorb.

If you are anxious to prime your coil more quickly, you can draw on your e-cig as long as you do not push the fire button, or start up the battery. The draw will create a gentle suction that can reduce the amount of air coming in when the coil is priming, allowing it to prime faster. Five draws should suffice. Be sure to use gentle suction when drawing.

Different Ways to Prime an Atomizer Coil

Every time that you change the coil in your vape device, you will need to prime it to get the best quality hit and make sure that it is functioning properly. Priming can help keep your hits consistent and the vapor tasting good. There are three primary methods that you can use to properly prime your coil.

The Time and Patience Method

Your vaping device will come with a set of instructions that will most likely tell you to let your vape device sit for a minimum of ten minutes before vaping once the coil has been changed. Letting your device sit for a while is especially important when your device uses a small coil. These coils do not have a wide opening at their top, and allow you to only put a few drops directly on the wick at a time. Even after dropping liquid directly onto the wicking, you should allow a few minutes for the liquid to properly spread and absorb.

Sometimes the time and patience method can seem like it takes forever, even if it is only a short ten minutes. Some devices can take even longer to prime, but it is crucial to do it properly to not only guarantee good flavor, but also to help your coil last as long as possible.

The Suction Method

If you’re feeling short on time and patience, the suction method can allow you to prime your coil more rapidly. The suction method works by closing off the flow of air at the opening at the base of the tank. You then create suction, as though you were drawing a hit, but without hitting the power button or activating the battery. Always make sure that you close off the inflow of air so that you can create the proper suction. This may also mean having to cover one or two holes on the bottom.

Once proper suction is created, the liquid will be sucked into the coil like a vacuum. The only problem with this method is that you could possibly flood your coil if you create too much suction. Remember to take moderate, controlled puffs when trying this method. If you hear gurgling or end up with juice in your mouth, you have created too much suction. This method can be quite a time saver for devices that require longer priming.

The Drum Method

While the drum method of priming can only be used with Ego or pen style devices, it is also an effective timesaver for those looking to prime their coils faster. This method involves holding your vape device at one end and shaking it. This method gets its name from the position you hold your vaporizer in when you shake it, like you’re playing a drumstick. Make sure you do this with the airflow valve open.

When it works properly, you will begin to see air bubbles flowing into the tank. These bubbles work to create pressure that will push the vape liquid into the coil. Just like the suction method, you run the risk of overdoing it if you get too enthusiastic with your drumming. You can tell if you need to tone it down next time you attempt this method if you get liquid up the middle of the tube.

The drumming method is a popular method to use when the tank has been refilled after almost running empty. It is a quick way to remoisten the coil in the device and make sure its ready for use.

There is no perfect way to prime an atomizer coil. It is best to experiment with the above options until you find the method that works best for you.

Why Does My New Coil Tastes Burnt?

There is nothing worse than taking a hit from your vape device that tastes like charred newspaper. The cloud of burnt vapor can scratch the back of your throat and burn down into your lungs, even making you feel a little nauseous. This is called a burnt hit, and you’ll recognize it right away. If this occurs, you should stop vaping until the problem with your device has been fixed.

If you encounter this problem, don’t panic! It is a common problem that can easily be fixed. The most common cause behind a burnt taste is an atomizer wick that has dried out and burned up from the heat of the coil. The charred material produces a dry hit, which often comes with a burnt taste.

How Long Should Your Coil Last?

While all coils will eventually need to be replaced, different vapers will power through them at different speeds. If you use your vape device heavily, you may find yourself needing to swap out your coil at least once a week. Those who use their vaporizer less frequently will be looking at replacing their coil every few weeks or every month.

Unfortunately once a coil has been burned, there’s no going back. It will need to be replaced. The key to avoiding a burnt taste and making your coil last as long as possible is to steer clear of some of the issues that can kill your coil quickly.

The two easiest ways to ruin your coil are chain vaping and failing to properly prime your coil. If you find that you keep getting a burnt taste even shortly after you’ve replaced your coil, odds are you are chain vaping. This means you continually puff and puff, rarely taking a break between draws. Chain vaping can lead to a damaged coil because the wicking is unable to soak up enough vape juice to keep it properly saturated. This same issue occurs when you don’t give your coil enough time to properly prime.

Why Do Coils Get Burnt?

When you hit the fire button or draw on your vape device, electricity courses through the device’s coil to heat it. The heat from the coil then causes the vape juice soaked into the wick to turn into vapor. If the wicking is properly saturated, it will absorb a lot of the heat, preventing the coil from reaching too high of a temperature.

The wick will dry out a little after some of the juice has vaporized, but the vape juice in the tank will soak it again while you take a break between puffs. If you don’t give enough time for the wick to resaturate, the coil will overheat.

So what exactly causes the burnt taste? Two main things happen when your coil burns out. The vape juice gets overheated, causing the PG to break down into foul-tasting formaldehyde. The dry wick that is now exposed to the hot coil is made out of cotton, which can actually burn from the heat of the coil. The result is a charred taste that permeates your mouth and lungs.

How Can You Stop Your Coil From Burning?

Now you know what causes the burnt taste that you may have experienced when vaping. This makes priming your device before using it extremely important to prevent burnt hits. To stop your coil from burning out, you will need to make sure that there is always vape juice in your tank and that it is allowed to saturate thoroughly into the wicking.

It is also critical to remember that each time you draw from your device, you are drying out your wicking and it will need to re-soak.

Benefits of Priming Your Atomizer Coil

Even though priming your atomizer coil may seem like added work, it is definitely worth the benefits when it is done properly. Properly priming your coil will:

  • Provide you with better flavor intensity. A primed coil will bring out the best flavor of your chosen vape juice. Proper saturation of the wicking will bring out all of the tones and notes of the vape juice so you can enjoy a well-rounded flavor with each draw. You’ll also avoid the unpleasant taste that can occur from a burnt hit.
  • Extend the life of your coil. Once a wick becomes burned, the life of the coil will be lowered as well. Coils that are properly primed will last significantly longer than those that have not been properly primed. When you prime your coil, you are not only preventing your vaporizer from overheating, but also properly breaking all of the components in.

Just remember that breaking in and correctly priming your atomizer coil can be a quick and easy process, only requiring a small amount of patience. What may take only a few minutes to accomplish can provide you with a significantly better vaping experience. Priming will allow your vape juice’s flavor to shine through while helping to extend the life of your coil and reduce your risk of unpleasant burnt hits.

Play around with different priming methods and find the one that works best for you. Remember, errors like under-priming can and do occur, so don’t let simple setbacks hinder you from continuing to expand your vaping experience.

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