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How to Make Your Coils Last Longer

By soupwire - February 12, 2019

Whether you’re just getting started with vaping or you’re a seasoned pro, understanding the ins and outs of your device is one of the most important aspects of vaping. Many different elements go into creating the perfect vaping experience, but one of the most important factors is your coil.

If you’ve switched from cigarettes to vaping, you’ve undoubtedly noticed cost savings, but there are ways to save even more money. Once you have all of your equipment, the only recurring costs you’ll experience are the vape juice and replacement coils. Though these are inexpensive to begin with, you could reduce your costs further by making your coils last longer.

Learn more about how to make your coils last longer — and what factors can cause them to fail prematurely — so you can get the best out of your vaping experience.

How Long Should Vape Coils Last?

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Like anything else, how you care for your equipment has a huge impact on its lifespan. In general, new coils will last around two weeks. Most often, their life spans range from one to four weeks, but that can be extended if you break in new coils when you get them and practice proper care and maintenance with usage.

How to Make Your Coils Last Longer

Caring for your coils properly will not only save you money by requiring you to replace them less frequently, but it has the added benefit of giving you a fresh, desirable flavor from your coil usage.

Here are some tips for extending the life of your coils:

Break in New Coils for Longevity

The first sign that you need replacement coils is when you experience a burnt taste from vaping. While many people believe that replacing coils is as simple as screwing off the old coil and replacing it with a new one, breaking in your coils will help you get a long-lasting, premium experience.

Here are the steps to ensure your new coils are properly broken in:

  • Dispose of your old coil and replace it with the new coil.
  • Saturate the wicking material by adding a drop of your vape juice into the holes on the body of the coil’s head to saturate the wick. Add a second drop inside the head to saturate the center of the wick.
  • Once your device is filled, reassemble the tank and attach it to the battery. Take a few dry hits, or take a drag without activating the fire button, to allow the vape juice from the tank to siphon into the wick.
  • A coil’s wire expands during heating and contracts during cooling. When you use it for the first time, it’s good to ease it into the expansion phase to preserve the coil. Start with a lower wattage than usual, taking a few shorter hits, then steadily increase the wattage and duration until you reach your normal vape settings.

After breaking in your coils, keep up with the maintenance and practice good habits to ensure the longevity of your coils.

Avoid Burnt or Dry Hits

A burnt or dry hit happens when you don’t have enough vape juice to heat the coil properly. If there’s no juice to heat, the coils heat the wicking material and use it up faster, producing an unpleasant vaping experience.

You can avoid this by following these tips:

  • Properly prime your coils to allow them to settle into their normal operating conditions before adding vape juice.
  • Avoid over-pressing the firing button. Use the puff timer tool on your vaporizer to learn when to hold and release the firing button. Take note of the taste of your vape to discover the ideal balance for your needs. If your vape has ramp-up and ramp-down features, use them to get a tighter range for your vaping to avoid dry hits.
  • Wait a few seconds between hits. Your coil needs to cool down and absorb liquid to work properly, so firing too quickly can leave your coils dry.
  • Don’t use your tank when it’s empty. Letting your tank drain before refilling it can cause a dry fire, which wears down the coils.
  • Use low wattages as much as possible. Under normal conditions, you have little reason to vape at 200W. If possible, stick to a lower wattage for your daily vaping to get the most out of your coils.

Clean the Vape Coil

Once you install your new coil, it still needs regular cleaning to perform optimally. Depending on how often you vape, your coil will collect sediment after only a few days. If you still vape without cleaning it out, the flavor and taste of your vapor will suffer.

Here’s how to clean your coils:

  • Remove excess juice, which can keep your coils from ever being truly clean.
  • Rinse the coil under hot running water to remove debris or any partially heated juice that has adhered to it.
  • Remove as much water as possible from between the coil wraps, then let your coils air dry. Make sure to allow them the time to dry completely before reattaching them to your vaporizer to prevent uneven heating.
  • Attach coils to the vaporizer and press the fire button until they heat completely and evenly across the wraps. If you notice signs that they’re not heating properly, double-check that they’re clean and dry.
  • Repeat the heating process to allow your coils to expand and contract, ensuring that they’re clean and dry before you add more vape juice.
  • Refill your tank and continue vaping.

Why Is My Vape Burning Through Coils?

Fortunately, the symptoms of a failing coil are unmistakable. If your vape tastes burnt, it will scratch your throat and possibly your lungs, which can lead to coughing, choking, or vomiting.

If your vape has a burnt taste, it’s not a major problem. It happens to every vaper on occasion. Your vapor tastes burnt because the wick within the atomizer coil is dry and burned up from heating. The wick is the component of your vaporizer that absorbs the vape juice from the tank, holding it until it’s turned into vapor by the heated coil. If the wick isn’t completely saturated with vape juice when you take a hit, it can cause the wick material to char, leaving an unpleasant taste in your mouth — otherwise known as a dry hit.

How to Replace Your Vape Coil

Fortunately, replacing your vape coil is quick and simple. To replace your coil, separate the tank from the battery and remove the cap. Set the tank aside. You may also want to take this opportunity to clean the tank and refill it.

Unscrew the old coil from the tank cap and dispose of it. Wipe down the tank cap and make sure it’s completely dry, then screw in the new coil. Reassemble the tank and let it rest in an upright position.

Give the wick a few minutes to absorb some vape juice before you begin vaping. Vaping immediately after reassembly can cause the coil’s heat to burn a dry wick. Help your coil last longer by letting the wick steep for a bit before getting back into it.

When Should You Change Your Vape Coil?

When the vape coil or wick has burned out, you’ll get dry, hot vapor that masks the flavor of your vape juice. This is because the ingredients are getting burned up by the damaged coil, leaving you with only hot air.

You may also notice a gurgling sound coming from the tank when you inhale. It’s possible for vape juice to seep through the coil to the battery connection, so be sure to clean the battery and tank cap when you replace your coil.

How to Stop Chain Vaping

Chain vaping is one of the primary ways to prematurely burn out your coils. Simply waiting 15 or 20 seconds between hits is enough to give your coil recovery time, but for many users, this task can be difficult.

Most vapers — especially new vapers transitioning from cigarettes — have a habit of taking many short puffs like you would with a cigarette. Nicotine addiction is also a factor, which causes vapers to chain vape to satisfy cravings.

If you’re chain vaping, consider switching to a vape juice with more nicotine or one with a high PG content. Both of these options will offer a more satisfying hit, which is the goal for many ex-smokers. You can also work on taking slower hits and stowing your vape in your purse or pocket to resist the urge to chain vape.

If the urge to chain vape is too strong, however, you may want to consider a rebuildable dripping atomizer. These devices require dripping every few puffs, forcing you to wait in between hits, but the juice soaks in almost immediately. Rebuildable dripping atomizers are more advanced vaping devices, however, and aren’t recommended for a new vaper. You could also buy two different devices and alternate between them, which will help you spare your coils and break the habit of chain vaping.

Other Reasons for Failing Coils

In addition to improper maintenance and priming and chain vaping, other possible explanations for premature coil burnout exist. Though these are less common, they could be a contributing factor to consistent coil burnout.

High-Powered Vaping

High-powered vaping can cause damage to your coils if it’s done on a regular basis. If you exceed the power recommendation on the side of your coils, they’re more likely to fail. Vaping at higher temperatures can also cause the vape juice to vaporize faster than the wick can absorb it, leading to a dry wick.

If you use a device with variable voltage or variable wattage, be sure that it’s not turned up too high. This is especially true for chain vapers and those who enjoy taking long puffs. Sub-ohm vaping can result in coil burnout as well.

Low Vape Juice

If you like to extract every drop from your vape tank before you refill it, you can leave your wick without enough juice to soak up. This leads to burning.

Though it may be tempting to allow your liquid level to run down to nothing, it’s important to refill the tank if you can see that the juice doesn’t cover the input holes of your coil. At the very least, there should be enough juice to cover this, but it’s best to have your tank topped off.

If you want to change flavors, pour the remaining liquid into the bottle and replace it with your new juice. You may also enjoy the combination you get from mixing the two juice flavors, in some cases.

Specific Vape Juices

Some vape juices can cause a problem for coils on their own. These tend to be the juices with a high VG content, which have excess sugar and are more viscous than juices with a PG base. These two factors can cause sediment buildup on the coil, which in turn causes the coil to burn out sooner and makes it more difficult for the wicks to adequately absorb the liquid.

Sweet vape juice can cause similar problems, regardless of the ratio of VG to PG. When sweeter juices heat up, the sugar caramelizes on the coil and prevents it from absorbing more juice. This will also affect the flavor you get from your juice.

You can avoid these issues by choosing lower-VG vape juices, typically below 70 percent, or upgrading your tank system to one with a smoother wick.

Protect Your Coil’s Health and Longevity

When it comes to your coils, regular maintenance and a few preventative measures are all it takes to save you money and hassle in the future. Though replacing your coils isn’t particularly expensive or time-consuming, there’s no reason to unnecessarily burn them out.

The same holds true for the rest of your vaping equipment. If you take proper care of your vaping equipment and components, you’ll not only prolong their life, but you’ll also enjoy more flavorful, satisfying hits that allow you to experience your vape juice to its fullest.

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