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Everything You Need To Know About Squonk Mods

By soupwire - February 12, 2019

Whether you’re a new e-juice enthusiast or a veteran vaper, you might have heard about squonk mods. What exactly is a squonk mod, and what are the benefits of this type of tricked-out vape technology? Here’s everything you need to know about this trend.

What Is Squonking?

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The term squonking refers to the use of a vape with a bottom-fed atomizer. Users that have equipment called a squonking mod can bring more e-juice into the tank at the push of a button. The cotton that is integrated within the atomizer soaks up the liquid. This set-up enhances flavor and allows you to produce a thick, robust cloud of vapor.

Squonking is closely associated with dripping, a method developed when vapers discovered that dripping vape juice onto cotton produced stronger flavors and bigger clouds. However, dripping is a manual, often messy process. That’s because you need to drip the liquid directly onto the cotton wick, which can be complicated, sloppy, and time-consuming. It’s also difficult to do on the go. Squonking takes dripping hands-free and makes it much more accessible, particularly for those who are new to vaping mods.

Many vapers prefer squonking because it expands the capacity of their device, eliminating the need to travel with multiple bottles of vape juice. Squonk mods typically have a bottle capacity of 7 to 10 milliliters, making them conveniently portable. It’s easy to find affordable all-in-one squonk kits, which often provide a good value compared to other types of vapes.

Other benefits of squonk mods are shared with those of RDA mods, such as enhanced airflow, and the ability to build and/or wick your own coils. You can enjoy all the advantages of dripping without the high-maintenance routine.

Squonk mods date to a 2009 DIY project using a Radio Shack box. This early squonk mod was eventually used by 250 people, but the artist ultimately couldn’t meet the high demand for their unique product. Other innovators ran with the technique and began making their own squonk mods, many of which have since become available on the wider market.

What Is a Squonk Mod?

A squonk mod is a removable e-juice bottle, often with a large capacity, that attaches to the bottom of your atomizer with a filler line or hose. You can squeeze the bottle, which remains on the outside of the mod, without opening your box. A squonking mod is designed to be used with an RDA-style mode fitted with a bottom feed pin along with a bottom-fed atomizer. To summarize, you’ll need the following components for your first squonking experience:

  • Squonking mod
  • Squonking bottle
  • Bottom-feed Squonk compatible RDA (most RDA models already have a bottom feed pin or can be outfitted with one that’s sold separately).
  • Bottom feed pin
  • Vape juice

Other types of vapes use a disposable, pre-built coil that provides a less robust experience than the cotton-filled atomizer. With a squonk mod, you can boost the capacity of your device without increasing its size.

Most squonk mods have a clear plastic tank that lets you see whether you need to switch out your e-juice bottle at a glance. Just fill the bottle and you’re ready to go! You’ll enjoy fresh e-liquid with each hit, without the need to walk around with extra bottles. In fact, depending on how often you squonk, your bottle and battery capacity could last you up to three days.

How Do You Squonk?

When you squeeze the squonk bottle, pressure pushes the e-liquid from the bottle into your RDA mod, where it soaks the wicking material so that it can be heated. Just hit the power button on your mod and vape as you normally would. Squeeze the bottle again if your flow feels diminished.

It can take some practice to give your bottle the right squeeze. If you don’t feed enough e-liquid into the box, you’ll get a dry hit. Too much liquid can result in leaking. Take the time to see what works best with your particular set-up. Once you get the hang of squonking, you’ll find that leaking is less common than with the dripping method since extra e-liquid tends to drain back down into the bottle.

Wicks also stay cleaner with squonking than with the dripping method. This means that the cotton wick doesn’t need to be replaced as often, resulting in lower maintenance and a more cost-effective mod.

Types of Squonk Mods

Many squonk mods are made by high-end artisan suppliers. Do careful research to make sure you are working with a reputable company. Although few big name-brand vape companies currently offer squonk mods, that’s expected to change as this method becomes even more popular among the vaper community.

Keep in mind that squonk mods are not currently regulated, so they often lack the safety features or wattage adjustments that are incorporated with other types of vapes. If this is a concern, you should avoid mechanical mods like the squonk and stick to a vape model with an internal regulation chip.

Best Squonk Mods

These are some of the highest-rated squonk mods by vaping enthusiasts and industry experts.

  • Vandy Vapes offers the Pulse BF 80W box mod, which boasts a leakproof design and lightweight construction that makes it easily portable (even with the high capacity 8 ml squonk bottle made from food-grade materials). You can opt for either a 18650 or 20700 battery for up to 80 watts of power. Because it includes the proprietary Vandy Chip, it’s one of the few squonk mods that includes temperature control, low battery warning, and safety features like overheating protection, open circuit protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overtime protection, and low battery warning. Replaceable front and back panels allow for even more customization. It also comes in a range of cool colors, from your standard black, red, and silver options to Aurora Rainbow and other eye-catching patterns and hues.
  • Wotofo makes a RAM Squonker Box Mod that can turn any RCA box mod into an effective squonk rig. This mod combines design and functionality by incorporating gorgeous colors and premium materials. It promotes easy portability with a convenient locking feature along with a 7 ml capacity bottle. This mod has a fire button with safe lock and runs on a single 18650 battery.
  • With the Feedlink Revvo Kit, Aspire continues to lead innovation in the squonk mod sector. The redesigned Revvo boost tank features an ARC coil that’s easy to fill and supports a 7 ml capacity bottle along with an additional 2 ml in the tank itself. The kit includes a single 18650 battery. The Revvo features an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to hold and use, with sharp color combinations including silver, black and blue, gunmetal and chrome, silver and sunset red, and black and night sky. Fans of this kit love the top-mounted button and battery life indicator. It also comes with a host of integrated safety features.
  • The OhmBoy OC X Desire Rage 155W is a high-end collaboration between Desire Vape and OhmBoy. The result is one of the most lauded squonk mods on the market. With dual 18650 batteries, it provides power up to 155 watts. The rugged yet streamlined case is made of durable Kirksite for a premium feel and long-lasting performance. This kit boasts an OLED display and upgradeable firmware, along with temperature control and a sleek, intuitive three-button design. Choose from a black, bronze, purple, red, or white finish.
  • The DOVPO X Vaping Biker 180W Squonk Box Mod has dual 18650 batteries and can be run on either variable wattage or voltage power for a total of 180 watts of output. In fact, this is one of the few squonk mods with adjustable voltage. The LED screen allows you to monitor your battery life at all times and the 6.5 ml bottle capacity makes this a convenient, easily portable mod. It comes in attractive blue, green, red, and silver finishes.
  • HCigar Aurora 80W is a small squonk box mod that’s loaded with features. Highlights include the durable zinc alloy construction, color display screen, 7 ml e-juice bottle capacity, and compatibility with three different types of batteries. You can adjust your output from 5 W to 80 W and access full temperature control at the push of a button. Available colors include black, red, and stainless steel.
  • The E-Leaf Pico Squeeze 2 100W is a rugged yet compact set-up with an 8 ml e-juice bottle, OLED display, and compatibility with both 18650 and 21700 batteries. Adjust your wattage between 1 W and 100 W for a completely customizable experience. This innovative system is designed to completely simplify and streamline your vaping routine.
  • Fans of the Wismec Luxotic say that this mod packs a punch. It features high-quality design and construction, replaceable front and back panels, and power output of up to 100 W. The starter kit has everything you need to squonk immediately. This device includes a single 18650 battery and a 7.5 ml bottle capacity. Choose from distinctive finishes including honeycomb green, honeycomb resin, black honeycomb, and swirled metallic resin.
  • The Sigelei Fuchai 213 150W Squonk Starter Kit is currently one of the few regulated squonk mods on the market. Access up to 150 watts of power output with your choice of a 18650, 20700, or 21700 battery. It provides an all-day vaping experience with the benefits of the dripping method without the uncertainty of an unregulated mechanical mod.
  • The X-Drip Squonk Box Mod by Aleader is one of the most beautiful squonk mods around for those who prize the aesthetics of their devices. Featuring a gorgeous, high-quality resin finish this kit also boasts a 7.5 ml bottle capacity and runs on an 18650 battery. Enjoy easy operation with a single fire button that produces glorious vapor and flavor with a single push. Choose from unique color combinations including blue and white, black and blue, black and orange, and purple and blue.
  • The Geek Vape Athena Squonk Mod is a high-quality anodized aluminum device that features a sought-after safety lock switch, which keeps the device from firing in your pocket or bag. This mod boasts a 6.5 ml bottle capacity, variable output, and a top-angled airflow system that reduces instances of leakage. This portable yet powerful device is available in sleek silver, gunmetal, and black.
  • Lost Vape Therion BF Mod is a high-end squonk mod that gets up to 75 W of power. Experienced drippers who want to take advantage of premium features and don’t mind spending a little more are raving about this innovative product. This kit features full temperature control, 11 ml capacity bottle, and fully customizable sleeves for a product that takes fashion as seriously as it does function. You’ll love the sleek chassis, carbon fiber accents, and leather-wrapped battery door, which take the look of this mod to the next level. It also has a full-color display screen, two high amperage 18650 batteries, and a high-grade stainless steel 510 connection.

Are Squonk Mods Safe?

Although these kits are generally safe, keep in mind that the vast majority of squonk mods currently on the market are unregulated. It’s important to understand battery safety if you plan to go this route. Using a compatible battery with your mod prevents serious safety hazards like fires and explosions. If you’re concerned about your knowledge in that area, it’s best to go with a regulated mod like the Sigelei Fuchai or at least an unregulated version that has more integrated protection and safety functionality than a standard mechanical mod with none of these protections from user error.

As with other types of vaping, we expect squonk mods to become even more popular and thus be subject to additional regulations as time moves forward. Keep your eye out for new and safer versions of squonk kits as the companies listed above continue to be at the forefront of this innovative industry. Chatting with the staff at a reputable vape shop can help you create a vaping set-up that works best for your needs, abilities, and lifestyle.

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