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A Guide to the Best Vape Battery

By soupwire - February 12, 2019

The battery is just one of the many parts that make up the traditional vape pen. However, it is also one of the most important. The features that make up the best vape battery will depend on who you ask. One person might describe it as long-lasting, while another would describe it as powerful. Let’s take a look at the different components of a vape battery and then you can decide which one is the best for you.

What is a Vape Battery?

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The vape battery is the power to your vaporizer. It is the center of the entire vaporizer and is responsible for heating the coil. Without a battery, you cannot produce a vapor. You will find that there are many different types of vape batteries available and choosing the right one is crucial to your vape.

What are the Different Types of Vape Batteries?

Vape batteries are categorized into many different types, allowing you to buy the one that best fits your vaporizer. The first category that we will discuss includes the difference between built-in lithium battery packs and removable batteries.

  • Built-in lithium battery pack: The built-in battery pack tends to be small, but powerful. With a built-in battery pack, you can use your vaporizer right out of the package. Unfortunately, you will have to replace the entire device when the battery stops working.
  • Removable battery: The removable battery gives you the ability to customize your vaping experience. Additionally, you can bring along extra batteries and if you run out of a charge, you can still use your vaporizer. The biggest advantage to the removable battery is that once the battery stops working, you can still keep your device.

Additionally, it is also important to understand the difference between protected and unprotected batteries:

  • Protected batteries: Protected batteries come with a circuit board which prevents the battery from overcharging. Some of these protected batteries can also prevent the battery from overheating. Protected batteries require a special charger.
  • Unprotected batteries: Unprotected batteries have very specific voltages reaching 4.2 volts of power when fully charged. This voltage then drops off during use. The problem with unprotected batteries is that if you run the voltage below 3 volts, the battery will no longer work. Unprotected batteries also require a special battery charger.

Ideally, you want to use protected batteries because of the safety advantages. However, there are reasons in which you might choose an unprotected battery charger, such as when you want a more hard-hitting vaping experience. If you prefer unprotected batteries, then make sure you are using the right type of charger. Failing to do so can be extremely dangerous.

What is the Best Vape Battery?

There really is not one vape battery out there that is entirely superior to the others. The answer really is, it depends. It depends on your vaping style and your preferences.

We can divide the best vape batteries into the following categories:


You could certainly base your decision on the brand. As you become an experienced vaper, you will find that you lean toward certain brands. You also want to make sure you are buying from an authentic brand to avoid any potentially faulty and dangerous batteries from vape clones. Generally speaking, you will want to stay with 18650 batteries. You can purchase 18650 batteries from all the big names including Samsung and Sony.


It is especially important to choose the right battery when making vape mods. Otherwise, you risk not having enough power or worse, having too much power which can be dangerous. The best batteries for mods are IMR, ICR, or Hybrid batteries.


All of the technical terms and calculations of vape batteries can easily overwhelm you. However, if you take one thing away from this, it is that the amperage of your battery is the most important factor in safety. The amp limit is the maximum amount of current that you can get from your vaporizer while still staying within the safety recommendations.

The maximum continuous current rating of the battery combined with the amps you are requesting from your battery will determine the safety of your vaporizer. Ohms law dictates that: Amps= power (wattage) / minimum voltage (volts). Fortunately, there are actual calculators available online that allow you to input this information and it will automatically calculate it for you.

Hard-Hitting Vape

Some vapers prefer hard-hitting vaporizers. This simply means that you get more of the product directly to your lungs. In order to achieve this, it requires that you have specific vaping equipment as well as the correct battery. A hard-hitting vaporizer is generally one that has a high operating voltage. In order to get a hard hit, the voltage must then reduce quickly.

As the voltage decreases rapidly, you are left with more vapor and a better vaping experience. Not all batteries have the ability to do this. Regulated batteries, for example, tend to offer a consistent voltage making it difficult to achieve that needed decline.

What Should You Look for in a Vape Battery?

The specific characteristics that you look for in a battery will depend on your vaping style. However, every vape battery that you purchase should have the following characteristics:

  • High capacity: A batteries capacity for storage is measured by the milliamp-hour (mAh). This is the amount of mAh you can draw in an hour with the specific device. A device with a higher mAh means you can use it for a longer period of time.
  • Safety: Safety should always be a priority when choosing the right battery. A safe vaping experience is more important than achieving a high-hit or making the biggest of vape clouds.
  • High power voltage output: The voltage determines the amount of power that is transferred to the vape coil. Generally speaking, the hotter the coils are, the more flavor and vapor you get.
  • Low operating temperature: A battery that operates at a lower temperature is safer. A higher temperature not only wears out your battery faster but also has the potential to burst.
  • Size: Batteries come in all sizes and shapes. It is important to choose one that fits your device and is intended for its size. The standard battery size is a 18650 which describes the diameter and the length of the battery. Smaller vaporizers will require smaller batteries with the 18350 and the 21700 both being common sizes.

You will notice that price is not on this list. Vaping can get expensive and vapers are often looking for ways to cut costs on the supplies they need most. However, the vape battery is one area that you do not want to skimp on. Not only can a poor battery quality affect your experience, but it can also be unsafe. If cost is an issue, you are better off going with a cheaper vaporizer and a higher-quality battery.

Understanding Vape Battery Labels

You can find information about the different type of vape batteries on the labels. Unfortunately, sometimes reading these labels can feel like you are attempting to understand a foreign language. Understanding vape batteries does not have to be that difficult. Once you understand what each of the abbreviations stands for, you are well on your way to understanding what the labels describe.

These are a few of the most common terms you might find on your vape pen battery label:

  • L: This is a lithium-ion battery
  • R: The battery shape is round
  • F: The battery shape is flat
  • M: The positive ion of the battery is manganese
  • C: The positive ion of the battery is cobalt
  • N: The positive ion of the battery is nickel
  • F: The positive ion of the battery is iron
  • Mm: The mm refers to the measurement of the battery
  • V: This refers to the voltage of the battery
  • Class: Classes range from A-E and describe the battery capacity

Most battery labels will include a single line of these descriptors. Understanding the exact features of the battery is an important part of choosing the right battery for your vaporizer.

What you Need to Know About Battery Ratings and Coil Resistance

Each of the previously described battery ratings can affect coil resistance. Less resistance within the coils means that they do not have to work as hard to produce a vapor. With less current drawn to the battery, you are left with a safer vaping experience while still having the ability to take a hard hit and even create cool vaping cloud tricks.

In order to choose a battery that is safe with your device, it is important to first know your resistance rating. If you do not have this information, you can get it with an ohms reader.

From here, you will combine the following numbers:

  • Ohms resistance
  • Your voltage (V)
  • Your storage capacity (mAh)
  • Your amperage rating (A or C)

Using a simple calculation, you can figure out your maximum continuous discharge of the battery and how that compares to the discharge of your device.

Charging your Vape Battery

There are many choices available to you when it comes to charging your vape battery. Some experienced vapers swear by smart chargers because they offer numerous charging modes and have a series of safety features available. Additionally, some smart chargers can refill your battery much quicker.

In order to get the most life out of your batteries, it is best to follow the recommended charging guidelines for your device and to avoid discharging your battery too early.

If you do have to change out your batteries, make sure you change them both out at once in a dual-battery mod. Batteries that are installed together should also be thrown out together. When you start combining batteries, you can easily lose track of which one, and when, you replaced it. This can prevent you from holding a charge and the new one can end up draining much faster.

It is important to note that even with careful research and calculations, it is still possible to buy a battery that is unsafe. There are many counterfeit batteries out there that are wrapped in an attempt to offer you the assurance that it is safe. The single best way to prevent buying a battery clone that is unsafe is to buy from a vape store that you trust. Also, by doing your research and understanding the describing features of a battery, you will learn to identify ones that are not authentic.

Vape Battery Tips

You could argue that the battery is the most important part of your vaporizer. Safety is the number one thing to consider when choosing vape batteries. Of course, you also want to consider the power and capacity, but safety should always be your priority.

Additional battery tips to keep in mind include:

  • Always avoid re-wrapped batteries: You cannot guarantee the safety of them. It is also a good idea to avoid using used batteries.
  • Always protect your battery replacements: Extreme heat or wet weather conditions can ruin your batteries.
  • Inspect your batteries regularly: In addition to keeping an eye on your vape batteries when they are charging, also regularly check the condition of your batteries.
  • Avoid overcharging your batteries: Always dispose of any overcharged batteries.
  • Recycle all used batteries: State and federal laws prohibit the disposal of batteries in the regular trash.
  • Avoid replacing just one of the batteries: This can cause the new one to drain much faster.
  • Always purchase from reputable sellers: Otherwise, you risk purchasing a dangerous battery.

Both new and more advanced of vapers may feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right vape battery. With so many choices, it’s difficult to know which one is right for you. Fortunately, once you learn the basics of how to measure and describe a traditional battery, you are well on your way to choosing the right one. Also, once you are familiar with the safety recommendations of vape batteries, you can ensure that you have not only an enjoyable vape experience but also a safe one.

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