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A Guide to Convection vs Conduction Vaporizers

By soupwire - February 12, 2019

While there are various reasons why people are choosing to vape, one thing remains clear: Vaping is a trend that is sure to stick around for a long time. In general, the vaping experience entails e-juice, which is usually natural vegetable glycerin (VG) or artificial propylene glycol (PG), available in an abundance of flavors.

The chosen e-juice is poured into the vaping device’s chamber and absorbed by cotton wrapped coils. As the vape’s coils heat the e-juice, it produces vapor, which users inhale. The vape produced by a vaping device is unlike cigarette smoke in that it does not linger or stick to fabric. Keep reading to learn more about vaping and the difference between convection and conduction vaporizers.

What Is Vaping?

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The vape wave has definitely caught on as more and more people use vapes rather than smoking cigarettes. Social media sites, celebrities, and both the young and old are partaking in the vaping experience. Choosing a vaping device is not always a simple task for newbies. This is in part due to the fact that there are a variety of devices to choose from.

Vaping devices are available in both simple and more complex designs. Many people are now choosing to custom design their own devices as another option. If the array of choices available in a device does not overwhelm you, the selection in e-juice available is most likely to. Enter a modern vape store and you quickly find that such places are designed to provide customers with a relaxed, social environment. They are filled with enticing and exciting flavors from wall to wall.

Whether a user vapes for recreational or social reasons or as a tool to quit smoking, most will agree that a device that will deliver a flavorful, pure, quality vapor is desired by all. Users often look to the heating method used in determining which device will meet their needs and desires.

When looking to purchase a vaporizer or for those who have chosen to modify or create their own vaping device, there are two options. The method used alters the vaping experience greatly. Temperature control, materials, vapor path, mouthpiece, and the heating system all play a role in vapor quality. Two of the most popular heating styles in vaporizers are conduction and convection. Let’s take a look at these two methods.

What Is a Convection Vaporizer?

The convection method involves hot air that is blown through a heating element. Convection in a vape causes heat to surround and pass through the material.

After the ideal temperature has been met, a fan or inhalation moves the air and heats the chamber’s product. From here, it converts the product into vapor. There is no direct contact with your product as the heat source is isolated. While stainless steel is used at times, heating elements for convection heating are normally made with ceramic.

The electrical components are much more complicated in convection vapes because the vapes generate and circulate heat. Rather than simply heating a small coil, the convection method requires the heating elements to heat up the entire chamber to the temperature desired. Naturally, this requires more time. For people that vape for convenience, the longer heating time may be a turnoff. For many vaping enthusiasts, the flavor of the convection vapor and the prolonged heating time is certainly worth the wait.

In the early days, convection was the primary means of vaporization. The method was inconsistent and often led to the combustion of materials. With advancements in technology, convection methods now allow for greater precision and control.

The Advantages Of Convection Vaporizers

In addition to no risk of charring since heat does not come into direct contact with the chosen product, there is a high level of efficiency with the convection method. More precise temperature control allows you to pinpoint the vape temperature. Even heat distribution results in a quality vapor every time. The even heat distribution ensures that users get full vaporization and the best flavor possible.

Convection vaporizers eliminate the need to rattle the chamber to ensure all the substance in the device’s chamber is coming into contact with the chamber walls. The method also allows users to cut the air flow and take breaks as desired. When compared to conduction, convection just wins in regards to vapor quality and flavor. This is most likely the result of hot air being the only contact made with the product, unlike in conduction. For users who are concerned with extracting the best available vapor, a convection vapor is certainly the way to go.

The Disadvantages Of Convection Vaporizers

Due to a more complicated system, convection vapes usually carry a much higher price tag. This is usually the drawback most often mentioned when comparing convection and conduction vapes and often a deciding factor. So if you are on a tight budget, a conduction vaporizer may be a better option. If you like instant gratification, a convection vaporizer may not be a good choice for you. The heating speed is considerably less in comparison to a conduction vaporizer.

Another drawback worth noting is the fact that consumers are unsure of which models and brands they can rely on. The convection method in vaporizers is considered to be new technology. Newbies may feel a little overwhelmed starting out on a convection vaporizer as they can be a little harder to use.

What Is A Conduction Vaporizer?

The conduction method in vaporization requires the chosen substance to be heated through contact with a hot surface, such as the walls of the heating chamber in the device. Most of your portable vaporizers employ conduction as a heating method. The method is much less complicated when compared to convection.

The Advantages Of Conduction Vaporizers

A conduction vaporizer’s less-complicated system allows conduction vapes to be sold at a lower cost. Their simple design means they are simple to use. Since they have been around for many years, users can easily recognize reputable brand names to purchase.

In addition to a lower cost, conduction vapes allow users to experience a vape on the very first draw. A vape using the convection method requires a few draws before a vape is produced. Conduction vapes are quick to heat up so users often feel a conduction vape is more convenient.

The Disadvantages Of Conduction Vaporizers

Since users do not have the ability to cut air flow or adjust the temperature, the conduction method heats the vape juice the entire time. In between draws, while both heating and cooling down, the active ingredients are being used up. This method is not as efficient and runs the risk of overheating your product.

Another thing to consider is the substance in the heating chamber may not heat up evenly. This method relies on the product coming into contact with the chamber walls. As previously mentioned, convection gets the vote for better flavor and quality. However, conduction vapes still offer users a pleasurable experience at a lower cost.

Is Conduction Better Than Convection?

As noted, both methods have their pros and cons. You will most likely find that both have their own opponents and supporters. Both methods serve their purpose and make for an enjoyable vaping experience. It really comes down to the user, what they prefer, and whether they will be using a dry herb or a liquid in their device. Conduction vapes were your first vapes available. They are still available on the market today. Many vape enthusiasts are devoted to using only conduction vaporizers, claiming that these devices offer the best solution for vaping.

Many of the conduction vaporizers available on the market today are smart, powerful devices that produce incredible vapor purity. Many vapes today come with a mobile app, which gives users customized heating control with options for temperature and settings. While there are expensive conduction vaporizers available, you will have no problem finding middle-priced vaporizers that are convenient, lightweight, compact, sleek, and easy to use. For those who like options, conduction vaporizers that include multiple atomizers are available as well. This allows users to customize their vaping experience.

On the other hand, if you ask vaping experts who feel the quality of the vape is what is most important, many will lean more towards a convection vaporizer. Convection vaporizers are the new rave in the vaping world. They have gained so much popularity that they are now considered the default method in vaporizers.

Benefits of Using a Convection Vaporizer Instead of a Conduction Vaping Device

There are benefits to be reaped when choosing to use a convection vaporizer over a conduction vaporizer. One of the biggest benefits is that users lower their risk of destroying and wasting their chosen substance. In addition, charring your product often leads to smoke and ashes. This can ruin a vaping experience. Especially when it comes to liquid, convection is a more efficient method of transferring heat.

A few of the first convection vaporizers to hit the market were not successful due to their short battery life. Nobody wants to have to charge a vaporizer battery after a couple of sessions. Since then, a few brands have set themselves apart due to their unique design and enhanced battery life. Portable and compact convection vaporizers can be found with plenty of power that allows users to zero in on the best temperatures. These devices have the ability to offer vape purity at its best.

Convection devices are some of the best vaporizers on the market in terms of vape quality. Many are designed for both vape juice and dry herbs. Users rave about the ease of use and design for many vaporizers available.

Upgrade Options to Vaping Devices

The introduction of a vaping device with touch sensor controls has set a few apart from their competitors. This new feature has been well-received by users. In addition, the fast heat up has been an unexpected surprise for a convection device. Quality comes at a price, and convection vaporizers are gaining a fan base quickly. These fans are looking for a top quality vapor experience and understand it comes with a higher price tag.

A Closer Look at Vape Juice

vaping experience can pack quite a punch if you know what device, substance, and heating method to use. For many people, vaping has become a form of art as they mix and create their own e-juice. Vaping enthusiasts often claim that choosing the flavors and creating their own e-juice is one of the best parts about the vaping experience.

E-juice can contain just pure vegetable glycerin and flavoring. Sometimes, it will also contain nicotine and other substances as well.  Those that contain nicotine are available in different strengths. This can be useful for those who are trying to kick a smoking habit. Many suppliers offer prefilled cartridges for extra convenience. These can be a great option for those on the go.

Ways to Learn About Convection and Conduction Vaporizers

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a newbie, joining a vaping community is a great way to meet and learn all there is to learn about vaping. Many vaping communities provide members with high-quality research-based information. This allows you to make decisions on using your device safely while learning about the latest models and accessories.

The vape experience is a social activity for many. For others, it has been a successful tool to help them rid the habit of smoking cigarettes once and for all. Vaping has also evolved into a recreational activity for many dedicated vaping enthusiasts. Some even participate in cloud chasing competitions.

No matter the type of vaping device you choose to use, make sure to always read through the manual to ensure you operate it safely. You should also consider making your own vape juice to ensure you know what you are vaping.

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