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High VG E-Juices

By soupwire - February 12, 2019

When you first start vaping, there are several decisions that you’ll need to make, including what type of vape juice to use. While researching different types of e-juice, you may notice that some are labeled as high VG juices. If you’re a new vaper, you probably don’t know what VG means or how it can affect your vaping experience. Before you choose your vape liquid, here are a few things that you need to know about high VG e-juices, including some of their biggest benefits.

What Does VG Mean?

Before we discuss high VG vape juices and what they mean for your vaping experience, it’s important to understand what VG means. Vape juices are generally composed of three basic ingredients: Nicotine, propylene glycol (PG), and vegetable glycerin (VG).

VG is made of natural substances, such as soybeans, and has a consistency that is very similar to syrup. In addition to serving as one of the main ingredients of vape juice, VG can also be found in a variety of cosmetic products.

What Is a High VG E-Juice?

Every vape juice that you buy will list the ratio of PG to VG, usually in percentages. So, if you look at the ingredients label on your e-juice bottle, you might see something like 50% PG/50% VG. When you see an e-juice that is labeled as high VG, this basically means that the juice has more VG than PG.

What Is Max VG?

One of the most important things to understand when you’re shopping for vape juice is that every vendor is different, particularly in the terms that they use. Take, for instance, the term max VG. Generally, max VG means that you cannot add anymore VG to an e-juice without changing its flavoring, and the max VG of an e-juice will almost always depend on the vendor.

For most e-juices, the max VG is 70 percent, although this isn’t always the case. It’s also possible for the max VG to be 90 percent, or even higher. The only real reason to be concerned with max VG is if you’re thinking about mixing vape juice flavors.

Max VG vs. 100-Percent VG E-Juice

When you’re looking for a new e-juice to try, you may also see the term “100% VG e-juice” thrown around. If you see an e-juice that’s labeled as 100-percent VG, understand that this doesn’t mean that the juice is completely made from VG, which would be impossible.

Typically, if you see a 100-percent VG, it simply means that the juice doesn’t contain any PG. To accomplish this, the flavors used in these juices have an ethanol alcohol base. The reason for this is that in most juices, the flavors are PG-based, so different flavorings would be needed to make a vape juice completely VG-free.

Why Use High VG Juice?

Now that we’ve covered some of the basics of high-VG juices, it’s time to examine the reasons that you might want to use a high-VG juice instead of a juice that has a more even mix of VG and PG. For most vapers, creating large, thick clouds of vapor is the main reason to use a high-VG juice.

Because of its syrupy consistency, VG provides much better vapor production than PG. If you use a high-VG juice, you’ll be able to create huge plumes of vapor that will impress your friends. While high-VG juices are a lot of fun because of the increased vapor production, it also means you won’t be able to vape discreetly. So, if you want to be able to vape in public without drawing too much attention to yourself, using a juice with a lower VG content is probably the better idea.

Experiencing a much smoother throat hit is another reason that you might want to vape with a high-VG e-juice. Vape juices that are high in PG content result in a strong throat hit that is close to what you would experience from smoking cigarettes, which is why these juices are more popular with people who are trying to quit smoking. If you find a strong throat hit too irritating, then a high-VG juice is your best option. The throat hit of these juices is much less harsh, making it easier to vape for longer. You may also appreciate the feel of the thicker vapor.

Less mess is another possible benefit of using a high-VG e-liquid. The thickness of e-juices with a higher VG content means that leaking isn’t as common as thinner high-PG juices. So, if you want to be able to vape without creating a mess, you should consider using a VG-heavy liquid.

Avoiding allergic reactions is also an advantage of using a high-VG juice. When they first start vaping, some people find that they’re allergic to PG and may experience symptoms such as sinus issues and headaches. VG allergies are much less common than PG allergies, so switching to a juice with high VG content can let you enjoy vaping without having to worry about suffering an allergic reaction.

Does High-VG E-Juice Last Longer?

If you’re the type of person who vapes often and prefers lengthy sessions, then you’ll want your vape juice to last as long as possible. High-VG juices do tend to last longer than high-PG juices, which makes them an excellent option if you don’t want to have to refill your vape tank constantly.

Like many of the benefits of high-VG juices, the reason that these juices last longer is the thickness. The increased thickness of high-VG liquids means it takes longer for them to heat up, which helps them to last longer than other juices that you can use.

While juices high in VG do tend to last longer than those high in PG, it’s important to remember that there are several factors that can cause your juice to run out faster than you would like. For instance, if you’re sub-ohm vaping, meaning you’re using a low resistance coil to generate extra power for increased vapor production, your e-juice is likely to run out quickly regardless of the type you are using. Using multiple coils or exposing your juice to high temperatures may also cause it to run out very fast.

What Device Works Best With High-VG E-Juice

Image via Flickr by The Electric Tobacconist

If you’re ready to use high-VG e-juice, you should be sure that you have the right vape device. Not every device that you choose is suitable for high-VG juices, and if you use the wrong style of device, you’ll likely have a less enjoyable vaping experience.

In general, sub-ohm vape devices are the best option for vaping with a high-VG liquid. These devices were designed specifically for use with high-VG juices, and they provide the extra power needed to heat up this thick liquid effectively.

Rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs), which are sometimes called drippers, are another good option for vaping with high-VG juices. With an RDA, you drip the vape liquid directly into the atomizer, which means there’s no fooling around with refilling tanks.

Before choosing a device, you should consider the airflow of the atomizer. Atomizers with lots of airflow are excellent choices for high-VG vaping and will allow you to easily blow the large clouds of vapor that may have attracted you to vaping in the first place. You should also make sure that the tank of your vape device is able to handle the thicker high-VG liquid. Not every tank will work with these liquids, and if you use the wrong tank with your high-VG juice, clogging is a possibility.

Make the Most Out of Vaping With High-VG Juice

Vaping with high-VG juice is slightly different than vaping with more evenly mixed juices, so it’s a good idea to get a few tips to get the most out of your vaping experience. With a little practice, you should be able to have a great time using high-VG juices.

First, you should make sure to use a sub-ohm tank or other modern variety that’s designed for these thicker juices. The wick in a sub-ohm tank is very effective at absorbing the thick high-VG liquid, which leads to consistent vapor production and less risk for experiencing a dry hit. You should also purchase a vape mod, which can handle the larger sub-ohm tank.

Choosing the right flavor of juice can also help you get the most out of vaping high-VG juice. Juices with a higher VG content are typically very sweet, so using a sweet flavor is a good idea. The right flavor will help you have a much better time vaping.

As we discussed earlier, using high-VG juice provides a much smoother throat hit, which is a big benefit to many vapers. Fortunately, just because you’re using high-VG liquid doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the strong throat hit common with high PG liquids. If you want to use high-VG juice and enjoy a good throat hit, all you need to do is increase the amount of nicotine in your juice. More nicotine will add an extra kick to your juice and will give you the strong throat hit that you may need to quit smoking.

At the end of the day, using high-VG juice is about creating as much vapor as you can, which means that a few tweaks to help you increase vapor production is a great way to maximize your experience. For instance, if you’re a DIYer, you can build coils that are specifically designed for better vapor production. To create bigger clouds, you can also use a high-powered vape device or increase your airflow as much as possible.

Drawbacks of High-VG Juice

Before you load up your vape tank with a high-VG juice, examining some of the drawbacks of these juices is a smart idea. While there are very few negatives to using juices high in VG, disadvantages do exist and should be considered so that you make sure you can enjoy the vaping experience that you want and need.

Reduced flavor is the primary drawback of vaping with a high-VG juice. Juices with a higher PG content typically provide a much stronger flavor, so if the flavor of your vapor matters to you, high-VG juice probably isn’t the best juice for you.

The need for additional maintenance is another disadvantage of using high-VG liquids. Coil clogging can be an issue with high-VG juices because they are thicker, so you’ll regularly need to make sure that your coils are clear if you use a juice with more VG content.

Finally, vaping with VG juice requires a bit more patience than using a high-PG liquid. High-VG liquid is absorbed by the wick in your vape device a lot slower, and if you draw off your vape device before the liquid has been fully absorbed, you may experience a dry hit. After adding your high-VG juice to your tank, make sure to wait a little bit so that full wick absorption can take place.

Getting the Perfect Ratio of PG to VG

Choosing the right blend of PG to VG is crucial for the best vaping experience possible. Although you might already have some idea of what ratio is right for you, here are a few extra tips to help you fully enjoy vaping.

If your ideal vape hit provides rich flavor and a strong throat hit, then a 50/50 mix of VG to PG is probably the best option. An even mix of VG and PG should give you the best of both worlds, and is a good idea if you’re new to vaping and still aren’t quite sure exactly what you like.

For vapers who want the best flavor, and strongest throat hit, increasing the PG content of their e-juice is the best idea. A juice with around 70 percent PG should provide all of these vapor characteristics. Any higher than 70 percent and the throat hit may be too strong.

Finally, for cloud chasers, a high-VG juice is the best option. Choose a juice with 70 percent VG or more, and you’ll be able to enjoy huge clouds and a sweet flavor every time you pick up your vape device.

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