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Vape Juice

A Guide to Organic Vape Juice

By soupwire - February 12, 2019

One of the biggest trends of the 21st century is vaping, and it does not appear to be going away anytime soon. The growth of vaping communities, special bars, and vape shops has turned vaping into a lifestyle. Vaping is a simple process that includes an electronic device, which heats the active ingredients in either e-juice or plant material and transforms it into vapor for inhalation.

Vaping is considered by many to be a much healthier alternative to smoking and has proven itself as a successful transitional tool to quit smoking. While people choose to vape for different reasons, many ex-smokers make the switch due to it being a healthier alternative. Most smokers prefer vaping to nicotine patches and gums and report that vaping provides a very similar experience as smoking. Vaping gives a very similar throat hit, along with nicotine, convenience, and minimal maintenance.

What Is Vape Juice?

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There are many explanations floating around that create confusion when describing what vape juice is. Many people who vape claim it’s nothing other than water vapor. On the other hand, those who oppose the act of vaping, including many tobacco control fanatics, claim that no one really knows what e-juice is. Fortunately, this is not true. Reputable juice makers have been listing the ingredients on the package label for a long time for buyers.

Perhaps it’s the intimidating chemical names listed that have led to scare stories, but in reality, most of the e-juice available for purchase has four main ingredients. To help you learn the basics of what to expect when pouring your e-juice into your device, let’s look at these four basic ingredients.

Vegetable Glycerin

The e-juice used in modern vaping devices contains up to 80 percent vegetable glycerin, or VG. Processed from most kinds of fat, glycerin is a natural substance. The glycerin used in e-juice is referred to as VG because it comes from vegetable oils. Although it is made from oil, it is actually alcohol, which makes it safe to inhale.

VG has a sweet taste or smell. It is colorless and non-toxic. In older vaping devices, e-juice with high VG liquids will not work well due to its thickness. To solve this, a less thick version of VG, called aqueous glycerine, is used. Aqueous glycerine is basically watered down VG.

VG is also used as a sweetener in the food industry and is added to foods to keep their moisture. There have been no documented health problems related to VG after years of research by scientists. In fact, VG is found in many medicines.

Propylene Glycol

The other 20 percent of vape juice is mostly alcohol called propylene glycol, or PG. If you read labels, you will find that there are e-juices that may contain more PG than VG. These less sticky liquids tend to work better in older vaping devices. Although propylene glycol does have a slightly sweet taste, it is not strong enough to be used as a sweetener, like VG. However, it too is used in medicines, foods, and other products for the same purposes.

As previously mentioned, scare stories about the ingredients in e-juice have circulated for a long time. The fact that PG is an ingredient in antifreeze has most likely contributed to many of the scare stories. What isn’t told is that PG is often added to antifreeze as a single ingredient due to its non-toxicity. PG-based antifreeze is less harmful to children and pets if it is accidentally ingested.

The ingredient PG has been studied for many years and is considered to be generally safe. There are people who are sensitive to high PG content. These people should look for e-juice with higher VG content.

Vaping enthusiasts have made cloud chasing a competitive sport that continues to grow. The goal of the competition is to produce the thickest, and biggest plume of vapor. Cloud chasers tend to prefer VG, while those who want to be discreet about vaping tend to choose e-juice with higher PG content levels due to its less visible vapor. PG has also proved to carry its flavors better and gives more of a throat hit, making it feel as if the person is smoking a real cigarette.


By flavoring the bland liquid with food-grade additives, e-juice becomes a flavorful experience in and of itself. The delicious tasting juices are available in a wide assortment of flavors. Offering a healthier alternative to smoking and the endless assortment of flavorful choices are the reasons why many people switch to vaping.

Vape manufacturers only use flavorings that have been marked as safe for inhalation. While there are supermarket flavors that contain oil and are unsafe to inhale, the industry has done very well at ensuring the additives marketed in e-juice are safe.


Finally, most e-juice liquids contain freebase nicotine, which is the purest form of nicotine. Although the drug nicotine gets a bad rap, it is actually a very safe drug when used properly. The chances of getting nicotine poisoning by vaping are very minimal. It is the ingredient nicotine that makes vaping such a popular alternative to smoking for those who crave nicotine. Additionally, for those who like a good throat hit, it is nicotine that delivers it.

Creating an entirely new experience and making recent headlines are “ nicotine salts”. Nicotine salts are just like nicotine found in its natural state within the tobacco leaf. Mixing nicotine salt and benzoic acid provides a much smoother vaping experience at a lower temperature. It also allows people to use cheaper devices and higher concentrations of nicotine.

Nicotine salts are gaining popularity in terms of their ability to provide a more enjoyable vaping experience by delivering a richer and more flavorful impact. Additionally, salts are the new go-to experience because of affordability.

DIY Vape Juice

Creating and mixing up the perfect flavor on your own is another option and is a growing trend in the vaping community. Cost savings and the need to be creative are among the reasons some people have chosen to make their own vape e-juice.

In terms of equipment, all a person really needs is a few bottles for storage, a funnel, a scale, a syringe for measuring, gloves, and a mixing bowl. The Internet is full of e-juice recipes, and homemade e-juice is a great way to experiment and find the perfect blend to fit your preferences.

Sticking with e-juices that contain the ingredients mentioned above is a pretty safe bet in terms of quality and safety.

What Is Organic Vape Juice?

Choosing a satisfying flavor that delivers a full hit of flavor is important to most people who vape. Health conscious users are discovering they do not have to sacrifice flavor when making the decision to choose organic e-juice.

Organic e-juice is non-GMO, meaning that there are no genetically modified organism products in the ingredients. GMO foods are often treated with pesticides. These pesticides leave traces of toxins and have been associated with neurological conditions and cancer.

First-grade vegetable glycerin is used as the main ingredient in most e-juice products. Since most flavors are created artificially, only specific flavors using real fruit and plant-based extracts comprise organic e-juice. An organic product contains no diacetyl, which is often used to enhance the sweet flavor in regular e-juice.

The natural nicotine additive in an organic e-juice must come from a certified organic source. An organic-compliant method, called CO2 extraction, is used and has no chemical residue. Instead of using PG as a nicotine solvent, USDA-certified organic vaping companies must use vegetable glycerin.

The peace of mind that comes from knowing you are vaping safe, consumable, natural ingredients comes with a steeper price tag. Many consumers are yearning for a more natural and healthier way to live and are willing to pay a higher price for organic e-juice. From skincare to food and now vape juice, the organic market is taking over.

Knowing the environmental benefits and personal health benefits, the choice to use organic only enhances the vaping experience for many people. Vaping enthusiasts often claim that it is the desire to live a healthier lifestyle that drives their decision to choose organic e-juice over regular e-juice.

What Qualifies as Organic Vape Juice?

Unfortunately, the word organic is used very liberally nowadays. Unlike food products, the USDA does not have a system in place to identify or detect organic vape juice. Reading labels, doing your own research, checking for organic certification, or making your own are the only ways to ensure you are getting true organic e-juice.

VG is the best ingredient to look for when you are on the hunt for organic e-juice. True organic VG has been derived from a certified organic source. To get a truly organic product, a company must combine the organic VG with 100 percent organic flavor extracts. As stated before, true organic e-juice will most often come with a much higher price tag than regular e-juice.

Cost can be a drawback when considering between organic e-juice and regular e-juice. Fortunately though, making your own organic e-juice is a lot easier than you may think. You do not have to have a chemistry background or a fancy lab to make your own e-juice. You actually have two options when choosing how to mix your ingredients. You can choose to mix by volume or by weight.

If mixing by weight, which is the most preferred method, you will need to invest in a vape juice calculator to make the process accurate and easier. Nicotine, flavorings, and both VG and PG all have different weights per ml.

If you choose to mix by volume, you will need a large set of syringes and should be prepared for a messier task. This method is perfectly fine to use, but mixing by weight is often more accurate, especially when mixing smaller quantities.

How to Find Organic Vape Juice?

There are few companies on the market that have gone through the meticulous and lengthy process of becoming certified organic facilities. Due diligence can help you avoid buying a product that does not meet government regulations for an organic product.

For help in finding organic e-juice, it can be beneficial to use online vaping communities as a resource. Many vaping communities are full of knowledgeable individuals who want to help you steer clear of false advertising. Members are great at recommending online shopping sites that offer reputable organic products. Once you find a reputable brand, online shopping can be very convenient. Another resource to utilize is social media. Reach out to the connections you have and inquire about local retailers that sell authentic organic e-juice.

Organic E-Juice Brands

If you are seeking the highest standards of purity from your e-juice, consider award-winning Kai’s Virgin Vapor. All Virgin Vapor e-juices are made in the USA, and the brand is most often found on the shelves of vendors who carry only top-shelf e-juice. The company uses GMO-free vegan ingredients, and the e-juice products are made to lab standards under professional supervision.

Another organic e-juice company that is worth mentioning is Kind Juice E Nectars. The company offers three lines of vape juice. Their most artistic line is their sub-element E-gel, which offers 100 percent alcohol-free flavors. The company’s newest line that’s making quite a statement is Tobacco Ridge. The line offers accurate tobacco flavors that went through a complex process of brewing, aging, triple-filtering, and steeping.

Produced from a base of natural VG is America’s Velvet Cloud made by Velvet Vapors. The product is hand-brewed in a certified lab and contains no color or artificial ingredients. Velvet Vapor’s loyal customer base around the world has been earned by offering flavors that are both simple and special. The company offers a variety of flavors and excellent prices.

As noted before, the safest and guaranteed way to ensure you know what’s in your e-juice is to make it yourself. Thankfully, there are lots of online resources you can turn to that make home steeping e-juice very simple.

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