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JUUL Labs will not go down without a fight.

The San Francisco-based vaping giant’s subsidiary, JUUL Israel was struck recently by Israel’s Ministry of Health with a haymaker.

The Ministry of Health announced a complete sales ban on all imported JUUL products in the country.  Contesting the ban, JUUL countered Aug. 23 by filing a petition to the country’s High Court of Justice. The Ministry of Health’s apparent “selective enforcement of hidden agendas” could play a role in JUUL’s argument, according to The Jerusalem Post.

The ban, which takes effect in September, was signed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Sales of JUUL devices were introduced in Israel last March and enjoyed a short honeymoon.

The Ministry of Health said in a statement: “The decision to ban the import and sales of the product (JUUL) containing more than 20 milligrams per milliliter of nicotine was made because it posed (a) serious danger to public health.”

JUUL’s petition, which was submitted by law firm Eitan Haezrachy & Co., called for an interim injunction to the order. JUUL’s lawyers said the “selectively targets” the company and not competitors who produce like-products, The Jerusalem Post reported.

Part of JUUL’s petition read: “There is no need to elaborate on the extent of the damage that has already been caused and will be caused to the petitioners. If this petition is not accepted, the conclusion will be that the Authority (Ministry of Health) is above the law.”

Looks like this fight is just beginning.

Interviewed by The Jerusalem Post, JUUL Israel CEO Assaf Snir said: “JUUL will be sold in Israel – whether sooner or later.”

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