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In the U.S., vaping flavors are on endangered lists.

Their collective federal existence is threatened.

In the United Kingdom, similar flavored products are among the most wanted.
And their presence is expanding.

JUUL Labs, one of the world’s top e-cigarette companies, is expected to continue expanding a UK marketing campaign featuring “fruity” products commonly identified as vaping bait for minors, according to The Telegraph.

Based in San Francisco, JUUL initially fortified its European foothold by stocking its products at select retail stores in July 2018. It took about two months for the brand to become a top seller.

Signifying a reverse in what’s happening at U.S. outlets, JUUL intends to make flavors such as apple, berries, and mango available at more than 55,000 establishments throughout Great Britain, The Telegraph reported.

Pressured by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, JUUL was forced to pull certain fruit pods after a widely read report suggested vaping among American minors rose 78 percent from 2017-18.

JUUL stated it will not employ “social influencers” to promote the line of products and its marketing plan will not target teenagers, The Telegraph reported.

British school officials remain concerned.

Headmasters and Headmistresses Chair Shaun Fenton told the Sunday Times: “Children are not smoking – they are vaping instead. Kids are following (vaping companies) on social media. They see online personalities blowing smoke rings, which were cool in the 1940s and are cool again now.”

Attempting to soothe concerns and highlighting JUUL’s philosophy, a company spokesman was quoted as saying: “JUUL Lab’s mission is to improve the lives of the world’s one billion adult smokers by eliminating smoking, the leading cause of preventable death. We are adamant that no young person or non-smoker should ever try our product.

“Since launching in the UK last year, we have implemented strict policies to prevent anyone underage accessing our product: exceeding legal and regulatory requirements.”

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