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To vapers around the world, the move doesn’t appear to be a solid, long-term business plan.

But it’s JUUL Labs and the biggest “kid” on the fledgling industry’s block can do anything it wants, right?

Perhaps not anything it wants, but by owning more than 70 percent of the U.S. e-cigarette market and developing plans to expand its United Kingdom presence, JUUL certainly is going to extremes to keep federal agencies from stunting its rapid international growth.

How extreme?

How about ratting out its own clientele?


It’s true, according to mashable.com.

With overwhelming pressure from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to curb the skyrocketing teen vaping trend, JUUL turned narc.

No kidding.

JUUL established a website portal to increase the sales data of retail establishments offering vaping products. If store representatives are caught selling to minors, the feds will be alerted.

“We are implementing product traceability that will allow us, through confiscated product, to identify where youth are obtaining (JUUL) products,” the company explained on its youth prevention page. “We will share this information with FDA, and take actions immediately to address these access points for youth.”

Another way JUUL is addressing the problem is developing vaping devices that can only be used after a legal age is verified, mashable.com reported.

“We will develop a new user-authenticated (JUUL) device that can prevent those underage from using the product,” the company’s youth prevention page continued.

The narc concept was established as a platform for parents and educators to fend off what has been described as a teen “epidemic” by numerous government and school officials the past half-decade, mashable.com reported.

If a minor is busted with an e-cigarette, the parent or teacher can log on to the new website, enter the serial number of the confiscated products, along with a few additional details, and the origin of sale could be determined.

From there, law enforcement agencies could get involved.

Ratted out, by JUUL.

No kidding.

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