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Vaping Goliath JUUL Labs continues to grow.  

No matter how many firewalls are designed to prevent it from evolving into Elvis, the industry’s rock star.   

A true international brand, JUUL burst on the scene a half decade ago and like a marketing blitzkrieg, it soon captured more than 70 percent of the U.S. vaping market.  

World conquest is not far behind.   

The question remains. How does JUUL maintain its momentum with so many federal obstacles constructed to stunt its growth?    

The San Francisco Chronicle listed some of the detours: + The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, despite its changing of the guard, shows no signs of halting its relentless pressure to crack down on JUUL’s perceived teen-targeted marketing campaigns.   

+ The San Francisco-based company also is feeling pressure from its base. California lawmakers are debating a state-wide ban of some flavored pods favored by minors and the S.F. city attorney leading a crusade to ban all e-cigarettes within city limits.   

+ JUUL also is involved in a series of lawsuits and elected to pull some of its most popular “fruity” pods off store shelves.   

Despite all that – and more – the company has a valuation of approximately $38 billion and is planning to add corporate and manufacturing jobs domestically in Austin, Texas, and Mountain View, Calif., and internationally to Canada and United Kingdom, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.  

The key to JUUL’s continued growth appears to lie in its global reach and being recognized as a prime secession aid to long-time smokers wishing to quit combustible cigarettes.  

Stanford University School of Medicine’s Dr. Robert Jackler analyzes JUUL’s marketing practices.    

“When you control over three-fourths of the market, where can you grow more? The way they could grow more is to truly expand the market,” Jackler told the San Francisco Chronicle. “There’s a large untapped market for them for adult smokers who might pick up a JUUL. These are nicotine-addicted adults.”  

With such a large potential customer base, no matter how much federal grief it will face over the recent rise in teen vaping, JUUL is positioned to keep groovin‘.   

Like a rock star. 

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