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Vaping behemoth JUUL Labs is imposing its will on San Francisco ballot boxes.

In an effort to allow the voting public an opportunity to self-impose new restrictions, JUUL is covertly positioning itself to quell criticism by his chief federal rival, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), according to sfchronicle.com.

The JUUL ballot initiative would promote limits on e-cigarette purchases by consumers, which could be enough to satisfy FDA officials who recently threatened companies they will ban certain flavored products if marketing campaigns are not altered to target adults.

JUUL representatives filed paperwork May 14 with the San Francisco Department of Elections and plan to go door-to-door and petition passers-by on city streets for signatures to back a new series of restrictions for e-cigarette sales online and at retail establishments, sfchronicle.com reported.

“See, this is what the people want,” JUUL executives hope to say after the pending vote.  

To help satisfy the feds, JUUL wants voters to favor the reduction of devices (2) and nicotine cartridges (5) customers can purchase at one time. It also wants the city to create a permit out-of-town online retailers must gain in order to legally ship to customers in San Francisco and mandate all e-cigarette accessories must be in a locked box or behind the counter.

In order for the JUUL ballot initiative to appear on this November’s ballot, it must be backed by at least 9,485 signatures and submitted by July 8. To get on the March 2020 ballot, the deadline is Nov. 4, according to sfchronicle.com.

A JUUL spokesman declined to comment.

However, Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education Director Stanton Glantz offered a choice description of the situation.

“It’s kind of a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” Glantz said.

Is it?

JUUL recently said it will monitor sales and report any retailers guilty of selling to minors.  How big of a stretch is this?

JUUL cleverly created a ballot initiative disguised as a means of helping to control the industry. It’s simply protecting its flanks, especially with San Fransico City Attorney Dennis Herrera and Supervisor Shamann Walton filing legislation to outright ban the sales of e-cigarettes within city limits.

“See, this is what the people want.”

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