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Coil building can be intimating when you first start out. But familiarizing yourself with the techniques and concepts can be as easy as 1-2-3. The Juggernaut Coil is no exception; the end product may look intricate (even impossible), but the steps required for successful completion are actually quite straightforward.

Today we will be focusing on one coil build in particular, The Juggernaut. This coil is a combination of a two different metals, and requires a handful of simple building tools. Everything required for the build will be broken down into a material list, and material costs will be provided (for anyone on a budget). An “estimated build time” will also be included for each step, giving you a rough estimate of how long everything should take.

Materials List:

24G A1 Kanthal (a small sized spool will work just fine, only need about a two coils) – $1.88

.5mm Ribbon Wire (small sized spool, can use Kanthal or Stainless Steel, about a foot and a half required for two coils) – $2.18

Cordless drill w/ 3-4 tooth chuck $40 – $100

Needle nose pliers – $4.56 (set of 3…)

Wire cutters – $3.71

Ceramic tweezers – $2.22

Vice (not necessary for build…) – $27.21


$54.55 (calculated using the “cheap” $40 cordless drill, and no vice)

Time Requirements (step-by-step):

Step 1 – measuring out 1ft of kanthal – 5 seconds

Step 2 – Straightening 24g Kanthal using drill – 10 seconds

NOTE: in the video tutorial, Vapestation spins the kanthal in the drill, holding on one end with the pliers, until the wire breaks. THIS IS NOT NECESSARY. It only takes about 3-4 seconds to straighten any gauge round wire kanthal on a cordless drill.

Step 3 – cutting kanthal to length – 5 seconds

Step 4 – measuring and cutting 1.5ft piece of ribbon wire – 5 seconds

Step 5 – securing two pieces of 24 gauge kanthal (can be held by cordless drill, or a few heavy books and the end of a table) – 5 seconds

Step 6 – pre wrapping ribbon wire around kanthal pieces – 30 seconds

Step 7 – starting juggernaut wraps around kanthal, making sure to space the wraps as evenly as possible – 10 minutes

Step 8 – checking for twists, and re-straightening juggernaut strand if any are found by hand – 2 minutes

Step 9 – wrapping coil/s around builders rod or drill bit – 3 minutes

Step 10 – installation and pulsing – 5 minutes


Total time:  50.3 minutes | give or take!


The Juggernaut coil is one of the easier coils to make. It will take time to familiarize yourself with the steps, but once you’ve developed a building technique, everything else will fall right into place.

The juggernaut will generate a more flavorful vape, and absorb more e-liquid. Make sure you take you time wrapping ribbon wire around the straightened kanthal pieces evenly. If it’s your first time building a coil of this “magnitude”, remember to take your time, and expect delays. Juggernaut coils work great for single coil builds as well!