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Joyetech is one of the many vaping brands focusing on innovative technology. While some manufacturers are slightly behind the curve, Joyetech is typically at the front with different vaping devices offering new ways to enjoy vaping. We have previously reviewed the Joyetech ESPION Infinite kit, the Joyetech RFC Riftcore Duo tank, and the Joyetech ProCore Air Plus Sub-Ohm tank. It seems, though, that Joyetech may have created one of the best tubular mods available right now: the Joyetech Ultex T80 with CUBIS Max Starter Kit. But what makes this stick kit different from the others?

A Truly Gorgeous Design

We want to know that a vape kit works well: that’s a given. But many of us are also concerned with the look and feel of a device. The Joyetech Ultex T80 with CUBIS Max Starter Kit isn’t just a standard design. Most vape pen style mods have the same sort of look to them, but that’s not the case here. Joyetech took some of the futuristic features we’ve been seeing on box mods and created a visually striking tubular kit. At first glance, it almost looks like a badass lightsaber, or like the design was inspired by a spacecraft. It looks sick.

To suit your tastes, Joyetech offers five different colors for the Ultex T80 kit: Silver, Black, Gold, Rainbow, and Blue. The construction on the Ultex is slightly heavier, but it’s a trade off for how the kit performs.

The Basics of the Joyetech Ultex T80 Mod

The Ultex T80 mod is larger than a lot of vape pens, but Joyetech didn’t compromise comfort here, either. The cylindrical shape still fits nicely in your hand. The mod itself is a quality metal—though it’s not listed in the product description, it feels like aluminum. On the front side of the mod you have your firing button toward the top, the wattage selection buttons in the middle, and on the bottom there is a mini display screen that shows you the power settings and ohms of your coil. On the reverse side, you’ll find a micro-USB port toward the top.

This is a single 18650 battery mod, with the battery door located on the bottom end. Just unscrew it, pop in your battery, and secure the cap back. Like most other mods, to turn the Ultex on and off, you use five clicks of the firing button.

Vaping With the Joyetech Ultex T80 with CUBIS Max Starter Kit

The Ultex mod can fire up to 80W. But this kit includes other vaping modes: TC (Ni, Ti, Ss) and three TCR modes. Since many vape pen mods don’t offer too many vaping modes, that’s a big plus. The fact that it also uses an external battery, another huge plus. The CUBIS Max tank holds 5ml of e-liquid, yet another pro. For a pen style vaping device, this thing has a lot of cool features. Especially the CUBIS Max tank.

The CUBIS Max Tank

What really makes this kit a bit different from others? The CUBIS Max tank. It’s doesn’t use traditional coils. Instead, it uses what Joyetech calls NCFilm. It’s a Kanthal heating film that is screwed into the base of the tank. To use this new technology, you unscrew the tank from the mod, then unscrew the bottom of the tank. Then, you will see the heating element on the bottom of the atomizer. Between the film are two slots that allow e-liquid to wick a rectangular piece of cotton that you place into the ceramic cup. The ceramic cup, where you place your wicking, is on the bottom piece of the tank with the 510 connection. Sounds complicated? It really isn’t. Once you get used to the way the CUBIS works, it’s just another alternative to a coil system.

The heating film, is of course, replaceable as a coil is. When you’re done with it, simply use the screwdriver included in your kit to unscrew the film, pop in the spare film, and screw it in. The replacement film comes in a pack of one or two for about $5. The lifespan of a film, with proper cleaning, might last as long as three weeks or so, which could save you money on coils.

This tank has dual top airflow slots, so there are less leaking issues. It also has a nice sliding top fill to make filling the tank easier.

Vaping Performance

Testing the Joyetech Ultex T80 with CUBIS Max Starter Kit was, for the most part, a great experience. The flavor you get from the NCFilm is really good, plus since you can crank the mod up to 80W, you can produce some pretty nice clouds. However, Joyetech lists 40W as the best power setting, but I’ve tested it at multiple power settings and it functions well even at max output. If you cut down the airflow, the tank starts to get a little noisy, but it isn’t that big of an issue unless that’s a pet peeve of yours. The various TC and TCR modes functioned better than I expected. You have to switch out the tank, though, since the heating mechanism in Kanthal. Again, not a big deal unless you don’t have spare tanks.

The Joyetech Ultex T80 and CUBIS Max Starter Kit is Great for Most Vapers

There are very few cons to this kit. Aside from the occasional spitback from the CUBIS Max tank, and the increase in noise when messing with the airflow, this kit is thoroughly impressive for what it is. This mod is easier to take with you than a huge box mod device, you still have the option of TC and TCR modes, and the NC heating film works great. If you aren’t into having to use a screwdriver to change out the film, you might decide this isn’t the kit for you. Because this kit offers some extras that a lot of other pen style devices don’t, it costs more. But the Utlex T80 kit offers a cool middle ground that will appeal to a lot of different types of vapers, and if you don’t mind spending a bit extra for a pen style vape device, it’s worth it.

Purchase a Joytech Ultex T80 and CUBIS Max Starter Kit here.

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