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Yogi E-Liquid has made a good reputation for themselves, thanks to their unusual granola flavors. The Yogi brand promises nicely crafted flavors and 100% kosher nicotine, as well as other high-quality ingredients. I previously reviewed the first four flavors in the Yogi line: original, strawberry granola, blueberry granola, and peanut butter banana granola. I have experienced nothing but good things from this company, and though granola flavored e-liquid might not be up your alley, you could be surprised with how satisfying some of their juices are. When I heard that Yogi was releasing a new Java E-liquid, I purchased one immediately to give it a test run.

Java Granola Bar by Yogi E-Liquid: Branding and Packaging

The original juices in the Yogi E-Liquid line had a bear, clad in plaid shirt, a hat, and suspenders. It appears they have since reworked their logo by removing the bear. Personally, I liked the character that it brought to the branding, especially since you think of granola and hiking, and thus, bears in the wilderness if you’re an avid hiker. However, their logo still looks clean. On Java E-Liquid we have the original design, minus the bear, with the Yogi logo in a stacked log font and some small trees and mountains in the background. You can find the flavor name at the top, which gives you a very clear idea of what you’ll be experiencing when you vape the flavor.


The description of Java Granola Bar by Yogi E-Liquid promises a coffee and sweet granola combination, as well as some hints of honey on the granola and chocolate chips.

I primed up a new coil and used my SMOK Mag Grip Kit, which comes with the SMOK TFV8 Baby V2 Tank. The Mag Grip Mod only fires up to 80W, so I gave this juice a try around 50W to test the flavor.

On the inhale it’s very obvious that this is a coffee flavored juice. You get a nice, lightly sweetened coffee flavor, followed by some granola notes, and the exhale you get a bit more of the chocolate and honey flavors. The more I vaped this, the more impressed I was with the balance that this juice had.

Next, I tried Java Granola Bar with a different mod and tank and cranked up the wattage to around 90W. Coffee and chocolate flavors don’t always sit well at higher wattages. However, I noticed only an enhancement of the flavors and no degradation.

Cloud Production

Java Granola Bar by Yogi E-Liquid is a 70/30 VG/PG blend. The clouds you do get are nice and thick, but they are less than legendary. At higher wattages, this juice does manage to chuck some above average vapor.

Product Information

VG/PG Ratio: 70/30

Available in 0-6mg of nicotine

Sold in a 60ml Chubby Gorilla Unicorn Bottle

Price is $14.99 for 60ml of e-liquid

Final Thoughts

I love the flavor of this e-liquid. It’s sweet, so it makes for a perfect juice to vape in the morning or even an after-dinner dessert type vape. The coffee flavor is at the forefront, but it balances incredibly well with the sweetened granola and subtle chocolate notes underneath. I wasn’t expecting such a good balance with this e-liquid, although I should’ve guessed because Yogi has yet to disappoint me with their juices.

Java Granola Bar by Yogi E-Liquid smells great, tastes amazing, and vapes clean. I recommend this juice at mid-range wattages, although it doesn’t drop off in quality if you prefer to vape at higher power settings.   

Purchase Java Granola Bar by Yogi E-Liquid here.

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