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Jail or death?  

In essence, those are the options citizens in Hong Kong may have to face if government officials have their way.   

The Hong Kong government is moving forward with legislation to ban all heat-not-burn products. The bill starts its journey through the legislative body today. The potential penalties are stiff. Individuals busted for developing, importing, promoting or selling new vaping devices could be sentenced to six months in jail or a face a fine of up to HK$50,000 (USD$6,370), according to CNN NewSource 

If the Hong Kong vape ban eventually goes into effect, individuals can legally use up the supply they have at their residences, but when they go dry, it will be illegal to purchase additional products.   

Hong Kong would join 39 other territories, including Brazil and Thailand, that have already outright banned vaping devices 

Jail or death?  

A spokesperson for Hong Kong Food and Health Bureau told CNN the organization backs a comprehensive ban because e-cigarettes are “a gateway to the eventual consumption of conventional cigarettes” and “all these new smoking products are harmful to health and produce second-hand smoke.”    

Globally, about 35 million individuals reportedly vape, Euromonitor proclaimed. And the number continues to rise. The main reasons for the e-cigarette spike, when compared to smoking combustible cigarettes? Most point to the lack of ash and odor and improved lung functions and breathing.  

For a country like China, which reports more than half of adult males maintain their smoking habits, vaping could help cut into the country’s high rates of lung cancer.  

Vaping could prove to be an important secession tool to China, a claim that was backed up by a study published Feb. 14 by the New England Journal of Medicine. The research claimed vaping helped individuals quit smoking at nearly two times the rate of other plans.          

Instead, Hong Kong government officials are offering jail time.   

Let’s see?   

Jail or death?

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