How to Prevent Dry Hits
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We’ve all been there. One moment you’re vaping something that tastes great, and the next moment you feel like you’ve inhaled tailpipe exhaust. Ever wondered why you’re getting that nasty scorched taste and uncomfortable throat hit? A really bad dry hit can obliterate your taste for a day, sort of like whenever you burn your tongue on something that’s too hot. Not to mention that it can leave your throat feeling irritated and utterly ruin your wicking or coil. Dry hits are not pleasant in any sense of the word. But once you know why they’re happening, preventing dry hits will not only be easy, but hopefully they’ll never affect your vaping experience again.

Why am I Getting Dry Hits?

Mostly, you need to understand the few reasons that dry hits might be happening. Are you performing maintenance properly? Is your coil old? What might you have neglected to cause this dry hit?

Low Tank? Hello, Dry Hits.

One of the most common reasons for dry hits is letting your vape tank get too close to empty. Think about your tank’s atomizer like any other piece of machinery. It heats up when it is being used, due to electricity, or energy that is being used to fire the mod. Your atomizer works hard to heat up your coil and e-juice. The e-liquid serves as a sort of barrier for the heat. Without enough e-liquid in your tank, you aren’t keeping the wicking saturated. And voila, you have burnt your wick.

Did You Remember to Prime Your Coil?

Most experienced vapers will highly recommend priming a coil before you start vaping with it. This is one of the biggest aids when it comes to preventing dry hits. Poor priming, or worse, no priming, will usually cause a dry hit or two, not to mention, it’ll cause your wicking to burn faster. Priming might feel a little tedious, but it’s worth the time spent. To prime your new coil, drip some e-liquid on the visible portions of wicking on your coil. Be careful not to get any e-liquid near the airflow though. Once it’s nicely saturated, you’re good to go. But it’s also a good idea to let it sit for about ten minutes to soak in for good measure.

Need to Join Chain Vapers Anonymous?

I know that some of you love to chain vape. But taking hit after hit will leave your wicking drier. The cotton doesn’t have the chance to re-absorb e-liquid as well, so you’re probably going to find yourself with a gross dry hit. It’s best for your coil to take some pauses between hits, so slow it down if you notice dry hits happening more frequently.

What’s Your Voltage?

Vaping a wattage that is too high, when your coil’s resistance is meant for a different wattage range, means you are going to burn out your coil quickly if you keep going. When your coil is burning out, dry hits can become more and more frequent.

Consider the Viscosity of Your E-Liquid

Higher VG e-liquids have a higher viscosity, which means that it’s going to take a bit longer for your wick to absorb the liquid. Give higher VG e-liquids a bit more time to sink into the cotton. If you feel like your coils are getting gunky, or aren’t receiving high VG e-liquids as well, give a different ratio a shot and see if it helps.

When in Doubt, Change it Out

If absolutely none of these reasons make sense for your situation and you are still experiencing some dry hits, it may be time to change your coil. Most coils last about a week, give or take, depending on usage. The best thing you have do if you’re noticing problems from a coil, is to try vaping a new coil. Sometimes a coil is simply not a good one. Manufacturing is never fool-proof and once in a while, you might purchase a bum coil.

Have other questions about general vape maintenance? We can help. Visit our Maintenance section for further articles.

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