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We all know smoking is bad for you. But is nicotine bad for you? And if not, why are governments and other players working so hard to cover it up? A new documentary, You Don’t Know Nicotine from award-winning documentary filmmaker Aaron Biebert (A Billion Lives) seeks to understand the truth about nicotine and the growing popularity of vaping. Biebert neither smokes nor vapes, but considers himself to be a supporter of the “public health movement to truthfully inform adult smokers of the truth about nicotine.”

The You Don’t Know Nicotine filmmakers are looking to investigate the truth around nicotine, and what is really happing in the U.S. and across the world. What happens to teens who use flavored nicotine? Should nicotine be banned? If people are dying from smoking (they are), and vaping is the most effective tool to help smokers quit why isn’t the government promoting cleaner, safer ways to get nicotine?

The pro-vaping documentary was inspired as Biebert was doing research about why certain groups are more likely to be addicted to smoking than others, when he stumbled on some scientific research that showed nicotine might be saving people from degenerative brain diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s – and wondered if it was true that there might be other benefits for adults using nicotine.

The filmmakers promise to answer the biggest questions about nicotine – Is nicotine bad for you? How does nicotine actually affect developing brains? How does nicotine benefit non-smokers? And finally, who’s covering up the truth about nicotine?

According to Biebert, the filmmakers plan to chase down “as many experts (willing and unwilling) as our budget allows.”

Biebert says, “It’s time to get answers.” We couldn’t agree more.

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