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Since 2011, Innokin has been a competitive manufacturer in the vaping scene. You’ve probably heard of their CoolFire mods or Proton kit. They’ve released a few iSub tanks, all of which are pretty solid atomizers. I wanted to try the Innokin iSub B Sub-Ohm Tank because of the innovative Plex3D coil system. If you prefer mesh coil systems in sub-ohm tanks, but don’t always prefer to vape at wattages above 75W, then Innokin sort of had you in mind when they created the Innokin iSub B Sub-Ohm Tank.

The Design

The Innokin iSub B Sub-Ohm Tank is a looker, but it’s similar to a lot of sub-ohms out there. It’s not flashy, but there is one element that makes this tank appear different from the others, and that’s the rainbow-tinted Pyrex glass. It looks iridescent and quite striking. It has a 510 cobra resin drip tip that matches whatever finish you choose. There are four different colors available: silver, gunmetal, black, and blue.

The High-Quality Build of the Innokin iSub B Sub-Ohm Tank

The iSub B’s chassis is made of sturdy stainless steel, you have a nice 510 connector with smooth threading. The kit comes with two glasses, both made of Pyrex. The rainbow tinted Pyrex is a straight glass with a 3ml e-liquid capacity. Unfortunately, they do provide a bubble glass that holds 4ml of liquid, but this glass does not come with the same rainbow/iridescent tinting. In my opinion, the tinted glass really gave the design the extra kick it needed, so I’m not sure why they did not tint the spare bubble glass as well.

The Airflow and Filling the Tank

The airflow is located on the bottom, with dual slots. However, it’s not a wide-open, standard airflow. The iSub B has four airflow holes (about 2mm each) in each side. The nice thing about this is you can really adjust it down to get a restricted MTL hit if you wish. But this tank functions very well for DTL vaping, especially with the coil system they have.

This tank doesn’t have a sliding or push to open top cap. Instead, you need to take off the drip tip and unscrew the top base of the tank to access. When you do this, there is a feature Innokin included called Automatic Flooding Prevention. Once you unscrew the top cap, the metal portion inside the tank springs up to prevent e-liquid from getting in and flooding the coil. Just fill with e-liquid (and hold the glass in place to prevent spilling) then screw the top base back on.

The Plex3D Coil Systems for the Innokin iSub B Sub-Ohm Tank

Innokin designed this Plex3D coil system with what they call 3D mesh. This mesh material has “micro grooves.” What this mesh material is supposed to do is give you an optimal mesh coil by outputting great flavor and nice clouds, all while using less power. These coils heat up quicker and cool down faster, which all adds up to extension of coil life. They also have what Innokin calls a “capillary effect.” Because of these micro grooves, e-liquid is drawn into the coils more evenly and at a more rapid rate. The wicking is a blend of organic cotton and wood pulp.

Vaping the Innokin iSub B Sub-Ohm Tank

The Plex3D mesh coil is a 0.35-ohm coil, for use from 30-55W. While these are the coils that come with the tank, there are other Innokin iSub coils that are compatible with the iSub B, so if you wish, you can purchase those separately.

I vaped this tank for two weeks straight to give these coils a good test. After using this consistently, I have to say that the iSub B with the Plex3D coils was surprisingly good. Especially for the cost of this tank, I might add. In my experience, some of the mesh coils at lower wattages just don’t cut it. But the flavor from this is phenomenal and you can actually get some thick clouds if you vape it at 55W. These coils hold up very well, too. I got a full two weeks out of the coil, and only noticed a decline in taste on the last day.

Love Mesh Coil Systems? The Innokin iSub B Sub-Ohm Tank and Plex3D Coils Will Make Your Day

There aren’t many downsides to this tank. Some might find the filling a bit of a drudge, but there are plenty of other great tanks out there that don’t have a sliding fill system. For the price, you get a lot of value with the Innokin iSub B. I actually prefer my vapes anywhere from 40-80W. I have been known to go above that (even into the 100s), but it’s nice to find a tank with a mesh coil system that doesn’t require you to go above 55W.

Since you can buy this tank for under $20 right now, I have no idea why you shouldn’t buy it.

Purchase the Innokin iSub B Sub-Ohm Tank here.

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