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Vaping, like smoking traditional cigarettes has for generations, costs homeowners some serious resale dollars.    

A common homebuyer counteroffer tactic has been to inquire about if any smokers lived in the residence, citing lingering odors and residue on surfaces.   

A blog post on The Mortgage Reports warns indoor vaping could also lower house values because nicotine-based aerosols are released and potentially dangerous toxins are known to travel through air ducts and come to rest on household surfaces.  

According to a survey of 750 adults performed by The Domo Group/RE/MAX, 42 percent said indoor vaping would affect their buying experience negatively, while 23 percent declared it would have little impact. Meanwhile, roughly 35 percent shrugged their shoulders and were uncertain how they would react during final negotiations.  

Real estate insiders, such as Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation’s Michael Mesa, and The Domo Group Managing Partner Greg Geilman,  were shocked by the study’s results.    

“I’m surprised that the 42 percent number isn’t higher, given the negative view toward any item that produces vapor or smoke,” Mesa told The Mortgage Reports.  

Added Geilman: “I was somewhat surprised that only 34.5 percent of respondents were not sure of how regular e-cigarette use inside a home would affect their perception of a home’s value. I almost expected that answer to make up a majority of our responses.”  

To help save the value of an individual’s home, Geilman offered some suggestions.   

“Air out your home,” he said. “Deep clean all carpets and furniture. Remove any film from windows. And repaint or at least clean all walls.”   

A certified cleaning service is recommended, but for those do-it-yourselfers, The Mortgage Reports offered a few additional tips: 

+ For non-porous surfaces, use a vinegar and water cleaning solution.   

+ For carpets, baking soda is a quality deodorizer.   

+ For walls not repainted, they should be scrubbed.  

+ All register grates and ductworks should be cleaned, along with the furnace.  

+ To air out the residence, open all windows and run the furnace fan.   

Still, that may not be enough.  

In such cases, Mesa, a planning specialist, said sellers could offer a buyer “a credit for professional cleaning.” 

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