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Although iJoy is one of those brands that tries to keep up with the rest of the manufacturers by creating the newest technology, they do create some simple products that appeal to beginning vapers or those who just want a device that isn’t so complicated. If you like pen style vape kits, this is one to pay attention to. The iJoy Wand 100W Starter Kit may not have the best battery life, but it certainly delivers on flavor, vapor, and safety protections thanks to both the iJoy Diamond Sub-Ohm Tank and the IWEPAL Chipset.

The Design

Although the iJoy Wand 100W Starter Kit is just another pen style vape in terms of appearance, iJoy did prove to us that they can offer a color for just about anyone. Yes, there are 11 different color options, including the industry standards: stainless steel and black. My personal favorite of the batch is the funky resin color option, which is a unique rainbow swirl design, or the plain stainless.

The aesthetic is clean and simple, and even a bit classy when it comes to the iJoy Diamond tank. You’ll notice the raised diamond pattern on the top and bottom bases of the tank, plus the nice 810 resin drip tip. On the mod itself, the fire button is located toward the top and is a pentagonal shape, again going with that diamond theme of the tank. The back face of the mod is where the micro-USB port is located. There is no screen and no other button.

The Build

The Wand Kit is a bit on the chunkier side of pen style devices, but not so chunky that it feels too heavy or uncomfortable. Its larger frame is thanks to the 2600mAh internal battery. As with most iJoy products, the construction is nice. The fire button is clicky and the 510 connection feels nice and springy. The mod is weighted, and the chassis of the tank, as well as the mod,  are crafted from stainless steel. The glass, meanwhile, is Pyrex.

The IWEPAL Chipset Features

The chipset utilized in this kit is the IWEPAL chipset. This gives the iJoy Wand 100W Starter Kit multiple safety protections, like most devices on the market nowadays. The resistance range is 0.05-3.0-ohms, while the maximum wattage output is 100W. The Wand, however, only offers one vaping mode: a fixed voltage output. So depending on the coil and the level of your battery, the chipset sets the output for you.

The LED Light Indicator

iJoy did include an LED light indicator on the iJoy Wand kit, but unfortunately, the light is a bit small and easy to overlook. It works just fine, but I think they could’ve backlit the entire fire button like some of the competitor pen style devices.

Here is a simple run down of the different light patterns and their meanings:

  • Turn the device on with five clicks of the firing button and the LED light will flash green three times.
  • Turn the device off with another five clicks and the LED light will flash green five times.
  • When your battery is low and the voltage is less than 3.4V, the green light will flash 10 times as a warning, and eventually go to sleep.
  • While charging, the LED light will appear red. When it’s fully charged, it will turn green.

The Diamond Sub-Ohm Tank

I tested the Diamond Sub-Ohm Tank previously when I reviewed the iJoy Diamond Mini Starter Kit.  The tank measures 25mm in diameter, is constructed out of quality stainless steel and has a 5.5ml capacity with the included bubble glass. The glass is tinted with a rainbow sheen. The spare glass is only a 4.0ml capacity, however.

The top filling system is a threaded top fill. Just give a quick turn and the top base comes off without much fuss. From there you can fill the tank via two large filling ports. The airflow system is located on the bottom base of the tank, with dual adjustable slots that are machined well. They stay put when you need them to, but they are not a pain to adjust either.

The Included DM Coils

The iJoy Wand 100W Starter Kit comes with two of the DM coils: the DM-Mesh coil and the DM-DM coil. There both are 0.15-ohm coils that work at 40-90W and the mesh wicking is a combination of flax fiber and wood pulp, while the DM-DM is organic cotton wicking.

How Does the iJoy Wand 100W Starter Kit Vape?

Upon first impression, I enjoyed the vapor output of this device. You can get some pretty decent clouds out of the Wand paired with the Diamond Tank. I had no issues with operating this device; it’s very user-friendly and could easily appeal to vapers who like simplicity.

The DM-Mesh coil is my favorite of the two. I used Alien Piss E-Liquid with this coil and after letting it sit, I was able to get almost instant flavor. Very little break in time with this one, which is a pro. Since I’ve used the DM-Mesh coil before, I was not surprised by performance. It’s a solid mesh coil, giving some very pure flavor output and good clouds. Beware, though, the DM-Mesh coil is definitely a bit thirsty. That’s normal for mesh coils, but this was a bit more noticeable for me.

The DM-DM coil is not as great as its mesh counterpart, but that’s to be expected. Setting that aside, though, they both give a nice flavor and perform well. While these coils could both handle that 90W output (I put them to the test on a different mod to see), the sweet spot was around 50-70W for each of them.

Using the Wand mod, I wasn’t sure what the power setting was, but the performance was very good until the battery got too low. There is a significant drop in performance after two hours of use.

Is the iJoy Wand 100W Starter Kit Worth Your While?

I have little issues with this kit. It’s great for what it promises; paired with the Diamond Sub-Ohm Tank, it delivers a great vaping experience until the voltage begins to drop too low. Unfortunately, the charge on this device lasts only about three to four hours if you’re vaping moderately to heavy. When I vaped it less, I was able to get about five hours before needing a recharge. This isn’t the perfect device for an all day outing, but it does perform well and shouldn’t be written off and I should say that it charges pretty quickly, reaching a full charge in about 45 minutes or so.

If you want a simple pen style vaping device that offers a higher output and has a trusted sub-ohm tank with very nice coils, the iJoy Wand 100W Starter Kit is the one for you.

Purchase the iJoy Wand 100W Starter Kit here.

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