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Dense homemade molasses cookies meets raw sugar cookie dough in the spin on a classic! Cure that late night craving for sweets with I Love Cookies by Mad Hatter!

First Impressions

I really like the packaging on this line up. Mad Hatter has done a great job at keep things simple, and has managed to stay away from absurd logos and cartoon characters. The flavor is clearly marked, and the Nic content has been placed right smack in the bottom center. The graphics on the box match the overall theme on the bottle as well, it all looks very professional – and the hat is a nice touch to! Liquid companies take notes!

I Love Cookies was the final flavor I decided to try from the Mad Hatter line up. So far, the line has been pretty hit or miss for me, so I had hopes this cookie vape would end things on a positive note!

Flavor Profile

Hot out of the oven. I love cookies combines freshly baked cookies with a hint of strawberry and a rich drizzle of caramel.


A raw sugar dough combined with a chewy molasses chocolate chip-style cookie. Hiding in the foreground is a sweet icing of sorts and perhaps a touch of acidity from a triple berry blend.

My Setup

Dual framed staples loaded in the Wotofo Warrior 25 BF RDA. Pulsed on my dual 18650 Titan V2 parallel box from SS vapor.  Airflow set between 25 and 50% more the majority of this review.


Front – A dense chewy chocolate chip cookie base minus the chips (if that makes any sense…), supported by a hefty amount of molasses and white sugar. The cookie base has a touch of salt added to it that really amplifies the vape. No sign of the strawberry or caramel that was mentioned in the flavor profile, but I’m not really missing it either!

Middle – The cookie gets a bit fluffy toward the middle. I actually opened my airflow up a bit more than usual (25%), and found a better cookie flavor as a result. With the AFC set to 25%, the liquid tastes like a mix between a crunchy sugar cookie and a homemade chocolate chunk (again, minus the chocolate). There’s a noticeable amount of white sugar at this point, that does not alter/ruin the taste in any way.

End – This vape ends with a light and airy sugar cookie powder. It’s slightly salty, slightly sweet, and has a chalky finish.

Aftertaste – There’s a lot of sugar at play here. Along with the slightly chalky finish, I Love Cookies did leave a film on my tongue after vape. Not quite as bad as some of the other cookie vapes I’ve tried in the past, but it’s definitely something to think about.

Cloud Production:

Not bad for a 70/30 blend. I’d really like to see what Mad Hatter could do with a Max VG though!

Product Info:

Size/s – 100ml

Available Nic – 0, 3 and 6mg

VG/PG ratio – 70/30

Price – $24.99 (100ml) / Buy it here!

Bottle type – Chubby Gorilla

Final Thoughts

This flavor was really quite good. My only complaint would have to be the aftertaste. If you plan on vaping I Love Cookies on the go, make sure to pack extra wicking material – you’re going to need it!

Re-purchase? Yes. Even with the lingering aftertaste, I could vape this flavor on occasion!

Recommendable? Yes. As long as the you’re comfortable with a bit of lingering. This one would be perfect for anyone with a little late night sweet tooth!

Purchase I love Cookies here

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