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There are plenty of e-liquid companies out there who have gotten their start from humble beginnings. These are the sort of company stories that I find inspiring. According to their website, Propaganda E-Liquid got their start in 2014 with just “$200 and a clear goal: to become one of the top-selling e-liquid companies in the industry.” They’ve done pretty well for themselves, too. With 6 different lines of e-liquids, you can find juices from Propaganda in over 5,000 U.S. shops, plus their liquids are available in over 40 countries! Let’s see what all of this “hype” is about with this review of The Hype Blue Slushee.

Packaging and Branding

I’m all for clever designs and over-the-top packaging, but I also love when companies decide to keep it simple. I purchased a 60ml bottle of The Hype Blue Slushee E-Liquid by Propaganda E-Liquid and was pleased with the sharp, clean aesthetic. The Hype line comes in black bottles, all of the labels pretty much the same. Blue Slushee is solid black except for the blue text and the blue slushee graphic on the bottom end. It’s got a modern look, it’s classy, and I don’t have to scrutinize the bottle to try to figure out what juice line or flavor this is.

Their Propaganda logo is a nice touch at the top of the label. Apparently, the company name is a play on government propaganda and works well with the included all-seeing eye.

The Flavor

Not too many crazy flavor profiles in The Hype Blue Slushee. It’s simply a blue slushee. If you’ve never had a blue raspberry slushee, are you even real? I was thrilled to get my hands on this e-liquid—blue razz is simply one of my favorite things.

Vaping The Hype Blue Slushee E-Liquid by Propaganda E-Liquid

I kept it simple on this setup and opted for a good box mod and a flavorful tank with mesh coils. Pairing the Innokin iSub-B Sub-Ohm Tank, a 0.35-ohm Plex 3D Mesh coil, and my GeekVape Blade 235W Box Mod, I was set to test this around 40-50W.

The inhale was perhaps the most pleasant part of this juice: a strong, sweet blue raspberry. The middle was much more of the same, with the exhale tasting a bit more like the sugary syrup used in this icy treat. The aftertaste was that syrupy flavor with blue raspberry lingering underneath. It was in no means unpleasant, but I did find myself wanting water more frequently with this juice to cut the sweetness.

Out of curiosity, I tested this e-liquid in a different tank at a range from 70-90W, and there was absolutely no degradation in the flavor profile at high power.

The Hype Blue Slushee Cloud Production

The Hype Blue Slushee E-Liquid by Propaganda E-Liquid is a 70/30 VG/PG ratio. Thick clouds are possible, but the vapor production won’t blow you away. I’d say the clouds are about average, but the scent left behind from the vapor is really pleasant.

Product Information

VG/PG Ratio: 70/30

Available in 0-12mg of nicotine

Sold in a 60ml or 100ml size Unicorn Bottle or Chubby Gorilla Bottle

Price is $24.99 for 60ml of e-liquid; $27.99 for 100ml

Don’t Bother Running to the Nearest Gas Station for That Slushie Craving

I wanted to judge this e-liquid harshly, because blue raspberry is an obsession of mine. However, there wasn’t much to judge poorly with this juice. The Hype Blue Slushee E-Liquid by Propaganda E-Liquid is a sweet treat. Luckily, the blue raspberry does not taste too artificial, but it still tastes exactly like the icy drink you’d buy at your local gas station.

This might be a bit sweet for some vapers to use as an all-day-vape, but I find myself with half a bottle already and wishing I’d purchased the 100ml size, which is a better value anyway! If you want to get pumped for warmer weather, this vape juice will get you in the mood fast.

Purchase The Hype Blue Slushee E-Liquid by Propaganda E-Liquid here

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