How to Drip Like a Pro (RDA Dripping)
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Using an RDA can be somewhat intimidating. You may be asking yourself, what am I doing wrong? Why is this so difficult? If you’re tired of spilling juice all over the place, follow these RDA drip tips so you can use to avoid the sticky mess altogether, and enjoy the use of your dripper!

Pro Tip: A dripper is nothing more than an RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer), although the media would like you to think otherwise… Dripping refers to the action of applying liquid to coils on the deck of an RDA while vaping.

Knowing Your Juice Well

Each RDA deck will have a juice well:


The depth of this well varies from RDA to RDA. Here are a few examples:

Aria x Anarchist Phenotype-L RDA | Juice well – 4.2mm:


Wotofo Troll V2 RDA | Juice-well – 10ml:


Mutation X V4 RDA | Juice Well – 5ml:


Why this matters:

Knowing the depth of your deck is important. If you have a 5mm juice well, you already know the amount of liquid that can fit in the RDA (max). Go over this number, and you’ll surely spill juice all over your lap!

Dropper Capacity:

99% of glass bottles on the market today use a dropper with a 2ml capacity. Taking the depth of your deck and the capacity of the dropper you’re using, you can easily keep track of the liquid level in your RDA.

Example: An RDA deck has a 4ml capacity. Dripping with a 60ml bottle, I know that one full droppers worth of liquid will fill my deck up half way.

When starting out, I would suggest adding liquid half a dropper at a time.

The Coil Theory:


Now there’s a little kick you have to account for when measuring the amount of vape juice that can be added. Coil/s and cotton (your build), take up space on your deck!

For a single build, I always like to leave myself a 1ml cushion (EX: 5ml deck — 1ml for a single coil = 4ml juice-well capacity. 1 dropper full of liquid will fill my deck up 1/2 way with juice.) For a dual build, I prefer to leave myself a 2ml cushion. (EX: 10ml deck — 2ml for a dual coil build = 8ml juice-well capacity. 1 dropper full of liquid will fill my deck up 1/4 way with juice).

Tip Size Matters:


The difference in diameter between a 510 style drip tip, a wide bore tip, and an 810 drip tip is significant enough to take into consideration. For instance: when dripping on an RDA with a 510 tip, I prefer to take the tip off, and add liquid straight through the top.

When using a larger bore drip tip, I feel comfortable enough to drip liquid straight through the tip onto the build (I can easily see my coils!). However, it should be noted, regardless of tip size, as long as you’ve measured your juice capacity (accounting for the build…), you’d be fine dripping through any size tip.

In “dripping terms”, a painter is someone who likes to watch the liquid being added to their coil/s.

The Angle:

Angled-Drip-shot03 Angled-Drip-shot04

Holding your device at a slight angle (10 – 30deg) will help you build confidence in your dripping skills when you first start out. It allows you to make eye contact with the orientation of your coils, and drip with some level of accuracy. After you’ve become comfortable with dripping though, you’ll find yourself dripping with ease.


Understanding and measuring the max level of liquid you can add to your topper is important. Once you know the depth of your juice well (and have left a little cushion room for your build), you can drip with confidence knowing that you can never add more than 2ml worth of liquid with a glass dropper.

If you’re using a unicorn-style bottle, I normally take a completely empty deck, and figure out how many drop of liquid it takes to fill the bottom of my RDA. Once you have the number figured out, over dripping will be a thing of the past!

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